The Head Shop

"A dirty mind is better than no mind at all.
A clean mind is the result of brainwashing."

-Walter Breen, The Cynic's Dictionary

"Free your mind, and your ass will follow!"
-George Clinton

All heads are free today. So there are no head taxes, and cybercash and credit cards aren't honored here. We don't even have a head counter. This is a low overhead operation.

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Here's our educational section! To find out more about heads and head related topics, try searching AltaVista for the following phrases: Head for the hills. Head of the class. I'm going to tear off your head and shit down your neck. Head for the door. Two headed snake. R2D2 gives C3PO head. Head over heels. Phillips head screwdriver. Good head of beer. Red head. Flying stone head. Use your own head!