Partenership for Drug-Free U.S.A. BUSTED!!!!

Listen up, tokers! I got some primo dirt on the partenership for a drug-free America. I'm sure that you have all seen the "brain wave" anti-herb commercial (brainwaves of a "normal" 14 year old are shown, followed by the barely blipping, almost totally flat brainwaves of "a 14 year old after smoking marijuanna"). Well, as it turns out, the partenership was/is full of shit (no big suprise to anyone, I'm sure).

This commercial was seen by Dr. Donald blum, a professor at UCLA. Dr. Blum has done research on brainwaves, including brainwaves of people after smoking herb. The brainwaves experienced after getting high are called alpha waves. Alpha waves are also experienced during meditation. They represent the creative side, the moment when one lets go and the new energy is allowed to flow in. Alpha waves DON'T look like straight lines.

Dr. Blum took this info to ABC on Nov.2nd, 1989.

On Nov.17th, 1989, the partenership for a drug-free America admitted that they had not used the brainwaves of a young pot smoker, but had in fact USED THE BRAINWAVES OF A PERSON IN A COMA!!!!!!!!!! When questioned by ABC reporters as to why they did it, the partenership said that they thought that the effects of herb were so dangerous that they felt it was better to lie to the american public to save them, as opposed to telling the truth.

I learned of this by reading an interview with Jack Herer in the april issue of High Times. Apparently, the major media has chosen to ignore this case of caught-red-handed public disinformation (a fact that I find very disturbing,but not suprising).

I urge all anti-governmental-bullshit types to start spreading the news! Tell everyone who dosen't know! Our government is lying to us about pot, who knows what else they're lying to us about?! Since the media is obviously out to hamper and discredit the legalization movemant any way they can, it's up to US to give people truthful, responsible information about drugs. It's up to US to go to rallies and tell our fat-assed, facist, vote-mongering excuses for political leaders that WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE THIS SHIT ANYMORE!! See you in the street!!

Dope Smokin' Dave

"Homegrown's allright with me, homegrown is the way it should be! Homegrown is a good thing, plant that bell and let it RING!!!!" -Neil Young