Apply White Again

Step 7 is a re-hatching of the whites, aiming to close in on "final" look.

As with all stages, this one is done in row hatches. Whites still mark the highlights, troughs, and stronger illuminated areas. The paper can be left "untouched" in the halftone, if desired (not applicable in this demo).

This hatching stage is different than the first two, because tones beneath are now more saturated. The gap between hatches should be open enough to let the value beneath play a role in the modeling. Also, these hatches may be either
oblique to the form, if you think that would be right; or they may be with its length to see if you might possibly finish an area off. Finishing is theoretically possible, if you did everything perfectly in preparation. Fortunately, erasable chalks and stumping permit endless layers and corrections, while never losing that fresh, not overworked, appearance.

In this drawing, I applied hatches to the separate forms, lightly softening the strokes with the side of my little finger. Finger "stumping" is the best method for reducing sometimes harsh hatches.

Materials. Use chalks that freely release the color, so you don't have to bear down. Your color should erase and smear, but leave a ghost with light finger stumping. Use the harder white Conte.


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