Unique & Obscure


Let's take a look at an example of French academic figure drawing.
In this drawing by an anonymous artist, and its detail below, we can find the many shared traits with Prud'hon's drawings. (Ignore the fact that the chalk is red -- we can still find the common traits of academies)

The shared traits are:


Compare to this drawing by Prud'hon:

The difference is:

If it was only hatching that was employed in his drawing, analysis would not be so difficult. However, due to the extensive stumping in his drawings, we are left with questions about early application prior to the final hatching.

The pattern of hatch direction that Prud'hon used is quite sophisticated. Managing the colliding groups that invariably result is very tricky. There is no written record of the thinking process that Prud'hon used in making his application decisions. Through close observation, certain "rules" have begun to surface, but there is no assurance that Prud'hon would agree with them.

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