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Dating back to June 1996, D&TZ has been home to a worldwide listing of upcoming performances, workshops, symposia and other events that will be of interest to those who find themselves using technology in live performance work. If you have an upcoming event that you would like listed here, please consult our submissions page. There is also an archive of Past Events here.

As of April 1998, these pages will continue to support and seek out listings of projects which fall more cleanly under the heading of "live performance and technology". For an up-to-date and comprehensive listing of related new media and digital arts events (e.g. ISEA, Siggraph, Ars Electronica, Cyberconf, etc.) please visit the *Montreal's Museum of Contemporary Art Media Centre Website*

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August 1999

Corptheater Vivo Chile

El Cuerpo en el Barro

August 5 till 29 1999

Museum of Contemporary Art Santiago
Parque Forestal s/n Santiago
Merced 380 apt 31
RM Santiago Chile
Info/Reservations: 562 6386552
Tickets: free

The industrialdance filmed on video throug a litlle image. an installation made of pvc supporters that change color depending on the emotional energy mouvement. A solo performance created by Victoria Larrain choreographer.

email: danza@ctcinternet .cl
website: http://geocities.com/Paris/Cathedral/5702/

September 1999

Virtual-Physical Bodies//the future synthesis

Yacov Sharir, Thecla Schiphorst, Wayne McGregor (Random Dance Company) and Ghislaine Boddington(shinkansen/rescen) and Prof Christopher Bannerman

14.00hrs on Friday 17th September to 15.00hrs on Sunday 19th September 1999

Middlesex University (Trent Park) and South Bank Centre (Chelsfield Room), London, Britain
Middlesex University, Trent Park, Bramley Road, London N14 4Yz
South Bank centre, Chelsfield Room, ROyal Festival Hall Building, London SE1
Info/Reservations: 0181 362 6288
Tickets: £40/£25concession

A research project jointly devised by shinkansen and Random Dance Company London and financially supported by London Arts Board Digital Initiatives fund and Middlesex University. The symposium will look at the growing possibilities for the synthesis of the virtual and the physical body in the context of: overviewing the history of interaction between dance and technology visions of the future - the role of the performer, choreography and audience - new potential for body representation through the creation of computer characters the evolution of telematics and the incoporporation of this into dance performance Informed by practical experiments with dance and cyberdance, the symposium follows on from a four day workshop with London choreographers and movement artists including the random dance company on the creation of computor generated cyberdancers and the use of these dancers into realtime environments. ResCen hosts the project - a newly established research centre at Middlesex University designed to be a bridge between universities and the practices of professional artists. This symposium therefore welcomes professionals from both these sectors with an interest in dance and technology. Informed by

email: rescen@mdx.ac.uk shinkansen@mdx.ac.uk
website: in process of creation at rescen

October 1999

Julie Wilson & Mark Bromwich - Electronic Dance Theatre

Programme of new works for the Bodycoder System

9 October 1999 @ 7.30

House of Contemporary Arts

Mark and Julie will present a number of new works featuring the Bodycoder System. Works include: 'Zeitgeist' 1998/99. 'Lifting Bodies' using MAX and MSP (new work) 'Fraud's Daughter' using FOFs developed by Dr Michael Clarke the evening will also include performances of 'Route' - dance on video. and 'Ghosts' an electro-acoustic work by Mark Bromwich Julie and Mark will also be leading a number of workshops for composers and dancers 7 - 10 at the Trafo organised by the Hungarian Computer Music Foundation.


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