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Using my binoculars to observe the glory of the night sky

Stargazing at Cokesbury

When Ed and I were courting in the mid 1930s, we often studied the stars at night, and I began my life-long interest in the heavens.  Through the years I have kept up with astronomy news and have been entranced by the writings of Stephen Hawking and others.  Now, I lie back in my lounge chair on my patio, in chilly weather and warm summer, delighting in the changing scene.

There is nothing so comforting as knowing that the stars are in their rightful place, the planets behaving as they should.  Universal order counteracts the chaotic changes in the world around us.  Mark gave me a telescope which I used for several years, but I prefer the binoculars that Ed gave me on my 30th birthday, for they are easier to use.

I come in from viewing the heavens with a deep sense of awe and reverence for this planet, this cosmos, and the God that fashioned it.

I am made of the same elements as the stars!

I am part and parcel of the cosmos!

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