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Watching a crow with Granddog Sunny

Granddog Sunny and Crow

I am blessed with visitors!  Families and friends, young and old, come frequently.  Part of me is very social, I love company and conversations and stimulation.   BUT I can only do art and be creative in solitude, so I must balance my lifestyle. I put a sign on my door when I need to be alone, and loved ones honor it.

Hooper and Ellen and dog Sunny come from Washington.  Both are on the cutting edge of their professions, and great conversationalists.   Our time together is stimulating without setting the adrenaline a-roaring (diabetes).

Matthew is another laid-back visitor who lights up my home.   A graduate student at Wisconsin, he keeps me on my toes with latest string theory, chaos, etc.

Christopher, professor of digital imagery and photography, and son Stephen come in the summer---also low key and heart warming, for they fish in our pond for bass, and we eat them for dinner.  A delightful connection with my youngest grandson, a teenager, creatively and intellectually gifted.

Mark and Kathryn live nearby and are frequent visitors with much interesting conversation.  Mark is the computer-fixer, art stimulator, inspirer and facilitator.  He is also my priest. Kathryn, dear kinswoman, has been my mentor for over thirty years, helping me manage my innate wildness and even abets it!  I am blessed indeed.

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