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Experiencing Old Age
Landscapes of the Heart
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Experiencing Old Age

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There is but one way to get ready for immortality
and that is to love this life and to live it
as bravely and faithfully and
cheerfully as we can.

Henry Van Dyke

You can either view each page individually by clicking on the small images below, or you can click on the arrow to begin viewing them in the sequence they appear in my thoughts. Begin Experiencing Old Age Click here to begin

Sitting at my computer Boiling water in my piggie teapotEating my dinner alone

Grandson Stephen and I sitting on my couchGeese grazing on the lawn at CokesburyMaking a rug

Gathering with friendsAutumn morning at CokesburyCokesbury staff do my heavy housekeeping for me

Cooking has always been a comfortWorking at my sewing machineResting and listening to my music

Mirrors tell us what others seeGetting those pantyhose on never gets any easier