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A glorious January morning

Winter, January Glory

I never tire of the snow, with the tracery of tree branches and the blue shadows.  Our resident crows are stark black with sheen of subtle purple and blue.  I put food on the patio to attract them, and my canary watches, but feels no rapport.  However, in the summer, when goldfinches come, she really perks up.

Why is it that as age erodes our energy, we love to look at animal energy?  I watch the geese feeding like cattle on our grounds, the herons by the pond, the hawks and crows, and myriads of birds in the summertime.  I enjoy caring for my caged bird, the maternal instinct of nurturing never seems to wane.  It even carries over in tending to indoor bulbs and house plants.

Our woods house foxes, groundhogs, and deer, I am elated when they wander out to be seen.  Delicate fox tracks thrill me.  Once, at dusk, she brought her twin kits to look for voles in my garden. Oh! MY!!!

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