Art.Net: About Our Site


Welcome to Art.Net which is also known as Art on the Net ! This is a virtual space where artists join together in sharing their art with others on the Internet.

Best viewed with any Browser

We feel it's important that people are able to view the site pages with any browser and have therefore joined the "AnyBrowser" campaign. We hope that artists on our site will try to accommodate people no matter what browser they surf with.

Here on Art.Net, we run our own server which is a really fast PC. On Jan 3rd, 2007, we upgraded to this new server and are now running FreeBSD (the old system was running NetBSD). We have always operated our own server for many reasons, one of which is to protect member artists and our site from censorship by third parties.

We also are using Apache for our webserver which is one of the most used and is the best webserver software in existance.

We would love to hear suggestions and comments on what you, as an artist, would like to see on this site. It is our hope that this will be a place where artists can support each other in the endeavors of bringing art to the Internet. Just send them to us via our address below: