Art.Net: What About Copyrights??


Credit and Documentation of Images

Freely distribute any and all Art.Net files if you follow a few simple rules:


If you want to use any of the images you find on Art.Net , in things like publications or software, you'll have to check to see if permission has been granted and the stipulations of the permission (such as free copy of publication, or full address credit). You will normally find this information in the artist's studio or gallery room. If permission isn't explicitly given, then you'll have to contact the artist to ask for it. If no information is available, email us, and we'll get in contact with the artist for you, or give you their contact information.

When you DO use permitted work, it's always courteous to let the artist know about it, perhaps even send them a free copy or some such compensation for their files.



Art.Net is here for the distribution of original image files. The files will go to the public at large. It's possible, as with any form of mass-media, that someone could unscrupulously use these images for financial gain. Unless the artist has given permission for that, it's illegal. Art.Net takes no responsibility for this. In simple terms, all rights revert to the author/artist. To leave an image on Art.Net is to give permission for it to be viewed, copied and distributed electronically. If you don't want your images distributed all-over, don't upload them. To leave an image on Art.Net is NOT giving permission to have it used in any publication or broadcast that incurs profit (this includes, but is not limited to, magazines, newsletters, clip-art software, screen-printed clothing, etc). You must give/get specific permission for this sort of usage.