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Some of the awards that our site has received so far are:

Steppen; Stones Top Rock

under Art
(awarded on July 25, 1996)

eye on the web

under The Arts
(awarded on July 25, 1996)

No. 10 in Arts & Entertainment catagory
of the IWay 500 Lists
(awarded on March 19, 1996)

[The InterEdge Art Top 10]
No. 1 of the InterEdge Art Top 10

(awarded on February 29, 1996)

[The InterEdge Top 40]
No. 24 of the InterEdge Top 40

(awarded on February 29, 1996)

[Magellan 4 Star Award Icon]
Magellan 4 Star Award

(Awarded in Winter 1996)

[Top 5% of the Web Icon]
Top 5% of all Web Sites

(Awarded in Winter 1995)

[GNN Best of the Net Nominee Icon]
GNN's Best of the Net Nominee 1995

in Arts & Entertainment Catagory
(Awarded on November 3, 1995)

[Cool Site of the Day Logo]
Cool Site of the Day

(Awarded on April 24, 1995)

Other Places our site has Recieved Reviews:

[WWW Top 1000 Book Cover]
World Wide Web top 1000

(Published in 1996)

[1996 Edition of WWWeb Yellow Pages Book Cover]
1996 Edition of the
WWWeb Yellow Pages Book

(Published in 1996)