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Reuse Artist

Joseph Scanlan


Homemade Recipes

Lots of Craft Recipes

How to make fake stone (hypertufa)





How to get into restoration


Signatures (collection of artists signatures and monograms)


Sculpture Links:

List of sculptors also here

List of Sculpture Parks

Sculpture site: (The minifigmuseum, Read this )

List of Sculpture sites by Learning Stone

Lightcliff Icelandic/Nordic/Scandinavian art in Japan, site-specific art/environmental art, international art and artists


Sculpture Groups or Guilds:

The Pacific Rim Sculptors Group

The Philadelphia Sculptors Group

The Red River Sculpture Society

The Texas Society of Sculptors

The Tri State Sculptors

The Norhtwest Stone Sculptors' Association

The Sculptors Guild

The Oklahoma Sculpture Society

The Washington Sculptors Group (DC based)


Please let me know if you have any sculptors groups to add to this list

 my e-mail is:


Resources for Sculptors and Sculpture Seeking People:


International Sculpture Center (ISC)



Web Translate (This page helps you translate certain language on a webpage to english or other)

Conversions of all sorts (metric to imperial and visa versa and more )


 Places to show your outdoor sculptures.

In Israel

In Australia (Sculpture by the sea)

Belgium (land art or landscape art)

Socrates sculpturepark (in New York)


 Web Art Publications:

Das Boot ( a very good gallery/publication)


Textile Art (that I have seen on the web and liked or seen in books/magazines and found more about on the web):

Textile Art of: Ragnhild Monsen

Weaving with Glass: Dale Chihuly

Woven metal wall sculptures: David Paul Bacharach

Magdelena Abakonowicz: I, II, III, IV, V, VI



Web Stuff:

How to Make your Own Web Site Background

How to Use Meta Tags

Help with Web design

Why Keywords Count


Wood sculptures that I have seen on the web and liked or seen in books or in person and found more about on the web:

Wood sculpures of: Kurt Ernest Steger

Massive Wood Sculptures by Ursula von Rydingsvard: I, II, III, IV, V, VI

 The Sculptor Henry Moore (His use of space interests me )


Women related only sites:

Women Artists Archive

Art Beat Northern California Women's Caucus of Art

Northen Women-Notable Women



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