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 Insulating materials:

Pyro Products (lots of insulating fiber materials)

Thermal Ceramics (have stuff like high alumina crucibles)



Good article about what can happen even when you think you are covered.



Info on testing if you have good plastic to cast

The life cycle of plastics and more good info


Places that use recycle materials and how to use them:

Bedrock Industries  Specializing in Trash Beautification

Glass recycling (very informative site)

Recycler's World (place to find recycle equipment and products)




Glass Magazine by Glass Focus

 Ceramic Monthly Magazine (call for entries)

Sculpture Review Magazine (only figurative)

Sculpture Magazine

Art magazine (only on line)

Magazines, art ebooks and links to artists (owner Rob Hobcott)

Pottery Making Illustrated (A how to magazine)


Metal Info:

Inlated Steel


Work Safely:

Safe Work Enviroment (find info about the cemicals that you are working with )

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Art Safe


Sculptors that I like work by. I have found on the net, seen in person or in magazines, art books and then looked up on the net.

Mixed-Media Sculptures of Keith Alan Seybert

Kendall Buster 1 , 2, ( I like her old look on things and symmitry of the work)

Andy Goldsworthy  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Isamu Noguchi

Patrick Dougherty

Mark Gordon


Open Studios here and there:

Open Studios in San Francisco 1999

 PRO Arts Open Studios 1999


Painters that I like work by. I have found on the net, seen in person or in magazines or in artbook and then looked up on the net.

Mark Rothko:I, II, III, IV, V (my absolute favorit painter)


Pigments though the Ages


Photo Related Stuff:

National Press Photogaphers Association

Tips on takeing pictures in cold weather


 Tips about digital cameras

How to take your slides

Another one about how to take your slides



Packing and Shipping your Art Work




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