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This and that around arts:

American Craft (offers a wealth of information on their web site

for artists planning to sell their work at festivals/craft and trade shows.)

Kuenstlernetz: a global artistnet in Germany  

Art Channel

North Carolina Arts Council (lots of good links to all sorts of art)

Berkeley Civic Arts (Art commisions and art in Berkeley - call for entry)




Fusing Recycled Glass (interesting site)

What is an Investment Casting and how to use

The Investment Casting Institute

Casting Cource Directory  

Creative Casting Company sandcast aluminum, brass and bronze

Metal Web News (Newsletter for Online Metal Enthusiasts)

Glass casting methods - Mold making. (By David Reekie)

Sand casting iron


Ceramic Artists that I like work by. I have found on the net, seen in person and then looked up on the net or they themselves have sent me info about their site and I liked.

Virginia Scotchie 1,2,3,4 ( cool surface treatments and tool look on work)

 Sculptures of: Michael Lucero (found objects, mixed with ceramic pieces that he makes)


Ceramic Groups:

The Triangle Potters Guild (This group is located in Raleigh, N-Carolina)

If you know of other ceramic groups that have their newsletter and other info on the net please e-mail me their link at


Ceramic Links:

www.virtual library: Ceramic Arts


Ceramic info

Ceramic Arts

Ceramic Art World

Ceramics links

Clay Net

Clayzee (resource for all areas of ceramics field)

Ceramic link page from Holland (lots of linkst to ceramic based pages all over the world) (Over 100 ceramic artworks on display)

Russel's Clay links (Over 1000 links to clay related material updated regulary)

Clay in the Bay Area (Ceramic resources)

Places to get Paper clay

Info on Papar clay

Knead-O ( paper-based air-dry clay that does not require baking in the oven or firing in a kiln)

Kilns New and Used at All Fired up for N-Carolina

Kiln Elements (good info if you need to make or rewire your kiln)

Carolina Clay (bulletin board for North Carolina Ceramic Artists)


Cleaning products:

Safe non-toxic cleaning products


Raku Firing:

Carl Baker: (Photo Presentation)

Ine & Ed Knops: ( site has photo presentation, text is in dutch )

Pratt's raku method


Kristin Doner also here: She shows you the pinchpot technique  


Clay videos


Ceramic Stores:


Lestlie Ceramic


Ceramic bulletin board (the Magazine for Ceramic Technology)


Ceramic glace help: ( Ron Roy can help you with your glaze problems)

Clay Art Archives: Clay problems and how they are solved.

Clay Recipy: Plastiline or oil-based modeling clay

Color/Surface Recipies for: your clay work after it has been fired

Pit Firing FAQ How to

Compleat Sculptors Source for Materials, Supplies, Tools and Services


Concrete ( this site gives you info on how to use concrete in your artwork)


Craft Equipment Exchange Newsletter (Buy/Sell/Look for/Ask for)



 Digital Filming


Drawing and painting:


Classical Paintings (Instructions to paint in that way)


Enamel Links:

The Enamelist Society

Judy Stone enamelist

About Enameling

One Way of Working an Enamel Piece 

Enamel Look with Embossing Powders

Information about what to look for in an enameled piece of work

Work by many enamelists

Cleveland Institue of Art enameling education

Links to Enamel Sites



Don Fogg (will show you how to build your own forge and other usefull things)

Blacksmithing symposium at Penland

Virtual Junkyard for Blacksmiths


Furniture Design:

John Hein

The Furniture Society


Glass Sculptors (mixed media) that I like work by.

I have found on the net, seen in person, magazines, art books or told about then looked up on the net.

Michael Scheiner 1 , ( Very sculptural. I specially like the tube forms)

Howard Ben Tré 1. (My favorit sculptor that uses glass in his work)

Steve Tobin (Take a look at his glass houses and some other impressive stuff)

 Mary Shaffer 1 (great combination of glass and metal)

Peter Powning (like his combination of materials)

Group of English Artists (Name of website is Aztec Culture)

Glass Links:

Glass Encyclopedia


Glass types to cast or slump with:

Uroboros fusible Glass

Gaffer Glass


Depression Glass  


Art GlassWorld Billboard Search

Glass hotlinks

Glass (online chat and forums, books and more)

Books on how to do glass work


International Guild of Glass Artists

 GAS (glass art society)

Society of Glass Beadmakers 

 Glass Grinding tools:

Grinding bits, Grinders and Saws ( I use these to take the burrs off my castings)


t eksternest: centre for contemporary glass art in Belgium

Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass

The Glass Museum Ebeltoft

Estonian Academy of Arts glass department


Measuring Stress in Glass

annealing chart for thick castings

To find out how much glass you need for your casting

Glass glues


Glass Art Magazine for Stained and Decorative Glass. Has web articles to read.


The Guild (Web links to GUILD Artists)


How to:

Write an Artist Statement  



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