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Last Update: 11 April 2006

Mailart calls with deadlines

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Coffee Card Mail Art Project

Just what the hell is mail art anyway?
Canine contributions online now at:
Dog's Life .
If you want to post your mail art call here just click:
Where else can you post your mail art call?
Join the mailartist mailing list.
More Online Documentation from calls posted here.
The Madness of mail art: Ten ways to tell if you are a mailartist

 Ongoing Calls:

Cats and Kittens    Cats and Kittens

Ana and Cait are now looking for 4x6 postcards of your art featuring Cats and Kittens.

We will return one of our hand-made postcards to everyone that sends one to us. We will also send periodic documentation since this is an on-going project. Our goal is to get a postcard from every country in the world.

send postcards to:
p.o. box 24
Bradley,Il 60915

Reality    Reality
Kiyotei's Top Choice!

We announce our humble existence on this infractuous planet as newness to the myriad readers in the rubrique 'ongoing calls'. We still cherish our appetence for apothegmatic and creative sendings by mail, without hindrance by theme (our only theme being 'reality', naturally), format, or technique.

Considering creative interchange as the ancient gist of mail-art, we'll respond to anyone by sending some original drawings within one month. In a wonderous envelope.

Postal adress:
Rael and the Dark Star Drawing Lodge
Bizet 6
4462 JW Goes
The Netherlands

Harley Davidson ATCs    Harley ATCs

WANTED!!!Serious ATC traders who would like to help me finish altaring a deck of HARLEY DAVIDSON playing cards. If you email me I will send you as many cards as you would like to altar and I will in return send you as many ATCS or other mail art if you prefer, just let me know what type of mailart you like. PLEASE only respond if you are willing to complete and return as I would like to have the whole set back. There is no time limit and will go on until I get enough of you great artists to help me out. When you email me send your name and addy and number of cards you would like to altar as well as any special requests for mail art.

I am a serious artist and will send you quality work back!!
So email me at

Holidays    Holidays

ATC themed Trade!

I am having a themed ATC swap!..the theme is Holidays!
ANY holiday will classify!
ex: Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Earth day, your birthday for all I care! Anything goes!

Send me an ATC of your favorite Holiday to:
Heather Gabbert
po box 1003
Bluffton, South Carolina

and in return you will get a special ATC made just for you!
So send them in...there is no set ending date for this!
To contact me through email:

Uses for Hemp    Hemp

Invasion Scenic Discovery Project:

"Modern Uses for Hemp"

deadline : 2006 (open)
technic : free
size : free
media : artwork, photography, poetry, music

Web Exhibition / mp3's on site / No Documentation / No Returns

cd-audio* (*upon request* for
10 euros/dollars, postage included)

*co-production : Invasion Records, Switzerland / Fraction Studio, France / Kora Moune Studio, France

Send to:
Hemp c/o Invasion
P.O. Box 70
CH-1752 Villars 2

Postcards    Postcards

CARDMAKER - postkartET
mailart - new ongoing project - mailart
assembling postcards
please send 20 handmade postcards
size no greater than 10 x 15 cm
any subject
any technique (no photocopied or offset!)
the contributor will receive a bound edition
every time enough contributions are reached

Send to:

Frank Milautzcki
Trennfurter Str. 14
63911 Klingenberg

If there are questions:

ATC Swap     ATCs

ATC Open Call

This call is for artist trading cards of any theme. The only regulation is the size - 2 1/2" X 3 1/2" (64mm x 89mm). The art side of the card can be any subject and any medium. The back of the card is optional, but I would like to see the title along with your name and date. I am asking that only 1 or 2 cards be sent at a time. I will send the same amount of my creations back to the person.

There is currently no deadline for this call. After you receive ATCs back from me, feel free to create another ATC or two and send them to me. I would like to swap a lot of ATCs, but I don't want to get overloaded, so that is why I am setting the limit at two.

All ATCs received and sent out for this call will be posted at

In order for me to send ATCs back to you, please include your mailing address on a seperate piece of paper inside the envelope the first time you send the ATCs. If you would like to decorate the envelope or send other forms of mail art also, I will post that those pieces at my other blog -

My mailing address:

Mail Art
2323 Del Prado Blvd #7
PMB 313
Cape Coral, FL 33990-4611

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at

Alice in Wonderland    Alice In Wonderland

"'Will you walk a little faster?' said a whiting to a snail,
'There's a porpoise close behind us and he's treading on my tail.
See how eagerly the lobsters and the turtles all advance!
They are waiting on the shingle--will you come and join the dance?
Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, will you join the dance?'"
=Lewis Caroll=

My most favorite book of all times is Alice in wonderland.
And I really like to exchange some snail mail-art about 'Alice'
Size and medium are free, anything goes. As long the mailman can carry it ;-)
All entries will be scanned and posted on this site: .. and I'll send some nice things back to all people who participate. Naturellement.

Deadline: none, ongoing call
No fees..

Send your 'Alice' art to this snail-address:
Kat van Trollebol
tafelbergstraat 18
5025HM Tilburg

Still got any questions ?
Mail me

Virus mail art    Virii ATC Swap

Your Card is a Virus! What will it do?
Theme: Viruses, Worms and Trojans.
Send 1 to 6 ATCs (artist trading cards) and get an equal number in return.

Send your cards to:
c/o kiyotei
p.o. box 2786
carlsbad, ca 92018

More info:

False Address    False Address

Instruções • Instructions
•segredos, receios, confissões, fantasias, arrependimentos, actos de bondade aleatórios...
•os postais podem ser anónimos ou sob pseudónimos
•secrets, fears, confessions, fantasies, regrets, random acts of kindness...
•you can post anonymously or use a nickname

Postais :
•à volta de 10x15cm
•1 tema por postal, em qualquer material enviável por correio
•utilize apenas um dos lados do postal para a intervenção
•around 4 by 6 inch
•1 theme per postcard, in any mailable material
•use only one side of the postcard for your statement

Envie para / Send to:
AP 52031
4202-801 Porto
questões e dúvidas / questions and doubts:

Coffee & Tea    Coffee & Tea

Mail Art Call - Theme: Coffee/Tea
Size: Any
Medium: Any
Deadline: Ongoing
Periodic Documentation to All Participants
No Returns

Send anything relating to these fabulous international drinks! I would like to have a traveling mail art exhibit showing in various coffee houses, tea houses, cafes, etc. If I can arrange some showings participating artists will be notified by mail and sent documentation of those shows as well. All artwork will be archived in my personal collection.

Send contributions to:

315 ½ Chambliss St.
Chattanooga, TN 37405

Note: please mark “Coffee/Tea Project” somewhere.

Kali Call     WWKD? What would Kali Do?

This project references the famous What Would Jesus Do? except that Kali is the Hindu Goddess concerned with cutting through illusions and cutting down what has served its usefulness and now needs to be harvested. Send a postcard size image of Kali doing what you think She would do facing our current cultural and environmental, or personal challenges.

Receive a WWKD? bookmark in return.

Some images will be posted on website, documentation to all.
Visit my website collaborative projects page for more info.

Snail mail an image to
P.O. Box 3126
Oak Park, IL 60302

or email a JPEG to

Anti-Robot Inundation Army     Anti-Robot Inundation Army

The Anti-Robot Inundation Army (ARIA) has been raging against the robot for over a year now. Now you can rage back.

Please send anything arty to:

6924 Thorndike RD
Cincinnati, OH 45227

In return, you will be added to the ARIA mailing list and begin recieving regular mail art. Recieved items will be posted to the
project blog as they arrive.

I send out short screeds on linoleum block prints.
Mailings go out roughly every two to three weeks.
For more information go to:

Project Starts: June, 2005
Project Ends: None
I will post art to blog as items arrive.

Optional Stop     Optional Stop


Permanent exhibition "Mail Art" has been recently inaugutated by Associazione Culturale Città Studi Milano in its centre.

To spread this kind of art is our purpose, our centre to became a meeting point in love to show and list all works sent us by the artists themselves.

You can even follow the association's daily life by our brand-new site; the website will also be another chance for artists to show their works and share them with internet users.

An exhibition called " OPTIONAL STOP" will allow a face-to-face contact with artworks.

All works must be sent to "Associazione Città Studi Milano" since April the 29 th 2005; techniques and supports used are totally left to artist's choise, while size requested is between postcard and A4 size, artwork's title and year of execution and biographical sketch with artist's signature must also be provided.

Artists must allow Associazione Culturale Città Studi Milano to publish their personal data and work's titles both on exibition's and website.

All artworks will be show is same order as they have been receved and, except for personal agreements, they will be at permanent disposal of our centre.

Artworks must be sent to the following address:.

Associazione Culturale Città Studi Milano
Via G.A.Amadeo, 32
20133 Milano

Who Are You?     Who Are You? Where Are You?

Who are you?
Please send two passport photographs of yourself and a paragraph telling me who you are.

Where are you?
Please send a postcard or a photo telling me where you are (in life, in the world, in time etc.)

All mail to:
22a Danehurst St
London SW6 6SD
United Kingdom

Mars Project     The M.A.R.S. Project

The M.A.R.S. Project (Mobile Arts Road Show) launches this July. Primary exhibition sites will be in south-west Washington and Oregon along the Interstate 5 corridor and down the Washington and Oregon coast (including several college campuses, beaches, and freeway rest areas.) This is an open call and entries will be added to the exhibit as they arrive (although the exhibition might have to go “indoors” when the winter weather sets in, usually around September in this part of the U.S.)

There are no theme restrictions. If you want to create a “M.A.R.S. Project” logo or space / Martian / rocket ship / alien collage or cartoon that would be great, but it is not a requirement for inclusion in the exhibition. Because this is an outdoor project I want to be able to fit all of the exhibits into sheet protectors, so I’m asking for all entries to be 8 ½ by 11 inches or smaller, but other than this restriction any format will be accepted: Collages, cartoons, ATCs, postcards, envelope art, photography, anything, even 3D, as long as it fits in a sheet protector. Sequential works broken up over several 8 ½ by 11 “panels” (diptych, triptych, or longer) are also encouraged.

All entries become the property of the exhibit and will be scanned, archived, and posted on the M.A.R.S. Project site (along with any information about when and where the road show will be stopping next.) If you want production credits, email or snail mail addresses, or any other information posted (or not posted) along with your artwork (either at the live exhibit or on the site) don’t forget to include this with your entry.

Send entries to:

The M.A.R.S. Project
c/o Richard Yates
2808 Florida St.
Longview, WA 98632

If you have any questions about the M.A.R.S. Project feel free to email me at:

or check the blog site:

2004 Athens     2004 Athens Olympics


Send your work about the last Olympic Games in Athens.
Anything is accepted (post-cards, drawings, pictures, poems, music, pins...)
No size
No deadline

You can also use the following page to help you:

Timos Papachristos
Riga Feraiou 8
40200 Elassona

Open Theme     Open Theme

Recently, we have inaugurated our new site in Internet in

Likewise, we have released a new section dedicated to the Visual Poetry.
We would like to receive specific works in this field, inside our call opened of exchange.

CALL 2005

Send us your works. Answer and exchange to all.
Exhibition in our web-galleries. Open theme.
No deadline.

Miguel Jimenez
El Taller de Zenón
C/ Santa María de Guía nº 1 - 4º C. ES- 41008

Any Theme     Any Theme

Artists from around the world are invited to send mail art on any theme.
Pieces should be no larger than 25 cm x 35 cm (postcards / Artworks on the back / inside of the envelope also accepted). All work received will be exhibited in Galeri Seni, Faculty of Art & Design, MARA University of Technology, Shah Alam, MALAYSIA.
Documentation to all.

Please mail your submissions to:
Suzlee Ibrahim
(Mail Art Project) Fine Art Department
Faculty of Art & Design
MARA University of Technology
Shah Alam 40450

Roots     Roots

The mail art! Racines/ Roots, what do of remain roots in displacement. To take part, you have to send to us a small postcard Mailart to following address:

Artus 38 rue du village
02380 Jumencourt

We want to organize an itinerant exhibition, ART in the Letter-box

Postal Art creations must enough be free and can be flat, in relief or volume, not exceeding the format A4 (21cm X 29,7 cm) out of 10 cm of thickness
The art works will be exposed on 2006 etc...

We will organize an exhibition in parallel to the Mail art.
more info:

An exhibition "racines roots" mixed artworks will be composed of a selection of your work around our topic. Send a photograph.

Smiling Disease     Smilingdisease

Smilingdisease Postcard Scans - An Add & Pass Project

Had 1000 postcards printed up, and they are floating around all over the world.
They are trickling in slowly, and as I get them I will post them on my web site:


po box 18233
portland oregon 97218

Circus Poster     Circus Posters

The Carson & Barnes Circus invites all Mail Artists to submit work for their permanent, traveling exhibition on the theme Circus Posters. There are no guidelines and no deadlines. All work received will be displayed as the circus travels across America. Please tell your associates of this opportunity.

Send work to:
Tim Torkildson
c/o Carson & Barnes Circus
P.O. Box J
Hugo, Oklahoma, 74743


Betty Page     Pin ups or Bettie Page

Size: open, but nothing larger than a breadbox please. ATC, postcard, drawings, paintings, collages, etc.

Theme: Pin ups or anything to do with Bettie Page or similar models or pin up drawings of the era. There are no restrictions regarding this theme so make whatever art you feel is appropriate. Humorous, sexy, wild, crazy, serious, abstract ect.

No returns of any submitted work will be made however, if you'd like a piece of similar themed art in return, please include a note requesting such with your envelope or package, otherwise none will be sent.

Please include your name, address, and permanent email address INSIDE your envelope or package.

Send to:
Asha Sommers
11923 Atwell Drive
Houston, Texas 77035


Unused Keys to Unknown Locks    Unused Keys to Unknown Locks

Keys (& Locks)

Please send unused keys to unknown locks. No rejections, no returns, documentation to all.

Sean Whatever
PO Box 8804
South Charleston, WV

Artist Trading Cards    Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards

send an edition of 11 cards
(size= 64 x 89 mm - 2 1/2 x 3 1/2")

All Techniques
No Theme
Deadline TBA
For every 10 participants-you'll receive a set of 10 back.

On reverse of cards please write:
date-title(if any)-number-name-address-email-website(if any)

send to:
Laura Dunn
9 Charles Avenue
Biddeford, ME 04005

Miguel mail art    Convocatoria

Envíanos tus trabajos. Respuesta e intercambio a todos. Exposición en nuestras web-galerías. Tema abierto.
Sin fecha límite.

CONVOCATORIA 2004 El Taller de Zenón

Miguel Jimenez
C/ Santa María de Guía nº 1 - 4º c. DP. 41008

Send us your works. Answer and exchange to all. Exhibition in our web-galleries. Open theme.
No deadline.

MAILARTCALL 2004 El Taller de Zenón
Miguel Jimenez
C/ Santa María de Guía nº 1 - 4º C. DP. 41008

Museum of Temporary mail art    The Museum of Temporary Art

You are invited to participate in The Museum of Temporary Art, our ongoing project.
We are looking for small objects (size 3,5 x 3,5 x 7 cm) connected to a story, which makes the objects valuable and special.

Please see for more details and for the exhibit sheet, which you should fill out and send together with your contribution, if you want to participate.

The newest 33 exhibts are in the real Museum of Temporary Art and can be seen on the website:

Replace the exhibits and keep the exhibition alive.

Goddesses    Goddesses of the World

An Ongoing Mail Art Project (started 10/8/04)
Media: any medium
Size: 4" x 6" Postcard

Through the ages the goddess has shown Her face to every corner of the world. Send me your postcard sized (4" x 6") depictions of the goddess as you see her and I will send you mail art in return.

Send Mail Art to:
19 Cedar Ave
Millbury MA 01527-4305

Coffe Art    Coffee Country

collage, using paper art, stamps, cards, etc.

Please snail mail to:

313-700 GITZEL ST.
X1A 2R5


Kaleidescopic Dream    Kaleidoscopic Dream

This is about the place where inspiration comes from. It can be someplace perceived with either your physical eyes, or the inner eye
of your imagination I am asking that you please send random sound, word or images (video/ still).

The sounds and image need be either dvd, cd, anything possible can be emailed.
This is meant to be an open exchange digital collage - you send me something to stretch the parameters of my imagination, and I will send you something in return- to be used in anyway!

I am open to most anything.

Jennifer Harding
322 Culver Blvd. #241
Playa del Ray, CA 90293

Home Window View mail art    Home Window View

Please send me a photo of your home window view, which you see every morning when you want to check the weather outside. Please ask your friends for their photos. Everyone who'll take part in this project will get a photo of my home window view.

Every photo will be placed on the website so send me your e-mail and I will give you it's address.

Send to:
Tomasz Siudak
ul. Sandomierska 74/50
25-318 Kielce

anything goes mail art    Anything Goes !

Hello everybody ! I have since my childhood a real passion for every forms (drawing, painting, collages...) and in particulary for the Mail Art .. I 'd be so happy to exchange my creations with other artists from the whole world... I think it should be a very enriching experiment, i'd love to discovered ! every topics, topic's projects, every sizes or forms are welcome.

Bonjour à tous! J'ai depuis ma plus tendre enfance une grande passion pour l'art plastique (dessin, peinture, collages...) et, plus particulièrement depuis peu pour le Mail Art .. je serais heureuse de pouvoir échanger mes créations avec d'autres artistes, d'autres passionnés de la France entière et, pourquoi pas, du monde entier ? il s'agirait d'une expérience enrichissante que je tarde de découvrir! tous les thèmes, les propositions de thèmes, toutes les tailles et formes sont les bienvenu(e)s J'attends impatiemment vos oeuvres à cette adresse:

Send to:
Sandrine Lemaire
56 rue Henri Carrette 59100 Roubaix

Psychedelic     Psychedelic

Send a psychedelic picture.
Use your imagination and mix the colors to any size and kind of paper.

All the drawings will be exhibited in my gallery and in my web site.

Send to:
Ioanna Papachristou
Riga Feraiou 8
40200 Elassona

Bookcase Photo     Bookcase Photo

Send a photo of yourself, standing or sitting
in front of your bookcase or bookshelves.
No deadline,answer to everyone.

send to:

Bibliotheca Gullbiana
Staai 41
6127 AB Grevenbicht
The Netherlands

The Circle   The Circle

Send two works on paper or cardboard. -- Draw a circle (radio: 7 cm) and put anything inside: a collage, a drawing, a mandala, etc. No deadline.-- Size: 16 x 16 cm. --No return, documentation to all. Periodically, an edition with the received works will be exhibited in the web.

send to:

Irene Ronchetti
Fraga 1060
C.P. 1427

Office Walls     Office Walls

Help me paper my office walls and ceiling. Paper in any size that will fit in my post office box or will roll in a tube less than 2 feet long .

This is an open call. Photos of my papered office as it progresses will be posted on my site at:

Mail to:

Gary K. Foote [Footeprints]
PO Box 3214
N. Conway, NH 03860

Tiki Men     Tiki Men

Tiki men

Like the carved faces on Easter island and other pacific islands

226 S. Walnut
Stockton, KS 67669


Publicity     Publicity

Show your appreciation to these big corporations that love us so much. Take an add (from magazines, newspapers, etc.) and manipulate it with drawing, painting, collage,...

The received works will be assembled in zine (xeroxed) and electronic forms and fed into the Mail Art network. All participants get a copy.

Deadline: Ongoing (started february 2004)

Size of the works is arbitrary. You can use color. It would be good that the work looks well in photocopy. That's difficult to predict but maybe you can check it by photocopying it. Still, I also plan to scan the works and make some kind of e-zine in acrobat pdf format. Since the electronic and paper docs would be different you may send what you like and I will put it were it fits best.

Send to:

Josep M. Aroca
A.P. 33041
08080 Barcelona

Electronic submission is also OK. To:
(for files larger than 1Mb tell me before sending the file)

Cryptofusioncircus     Cryptifusion Circus

The Cryptifusion Circus is coming to town!

Send your visual ideas of weird and wonderful performers, you would like to see in the Cryptifusion Circus. Add the performers name and some personality detail if you wish to.
The best get a place in the circus and an artistamp made of the image.
Size A5 (15 X 21cm)
No deadline

Send to:

Jane Horton
Cryptifusion Circus
Top Flat , 62 Combe Road
Combe Down , Bath

Surrealist Bondage     Surrealist Bondage

Send me your interpretation of bondage
using collage surrealism
any format, medium, texture,size you so desire
no deadline

participants will receive mail art in return and i'm working on an exhibition.
we'll see...

22 S mallory street
Hampton, Virginia 23663


The Beatles Forever     The Beatles Forever

Postcard 10x15cm
The Tree of Poetry

Send to:
Tiziana Baracchi
via Cavallotti 83b
I-30171 Venezia Mestre

No Meat    No Meat


do you eat meat or don't you?? and why?? if you do, do you think about the animals when eating your piece? do you ever wonder whether you can live without meat?

if you don't eat meat, show me how wonderful life is without consuming meat send me mailart and i'll post in on my site.

Send to frips
halvemaanstraat 113
9040 gent

Middle East    Middle East

"The US and the Middle East"

no jury, no return / technique free, online exhibition
documentation to all

PO Box 3852
Memphis, TN 38103

Evaporation    Evaporation

The process by which something gradually disappears and fades away entirely.

Please send postcard size works around this idea. I will respond with artwork in return, as well as later documentation. Am interested in potential ongoing correspondence, around this idea or others.
Exhibition at year's end (2003).

2819 W. Shakespeare Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

Work and Author    The Work and the Author

Never it has happened to think to you, seeing a creation artistic, like was physically the author? To me,
often... We try to resolve this dilemma! You send one to me your work of whichever argument, technique and format and one photograph that you took. (not elaborated any retouch, one simple photograph).

Every documentation 10 participations, with my graphical interpretation and total gallery in Internet:

No deadline. Work in progress...

mail to:
Claudio Romeo
Viale Kennedy, 144
20050 Villa Raverio - Mi


Dreams    Dream

open dated mail art call , I'm interested in the way people dream and how they draw or paint any free medium.. writing etc... i shall send them a card or something dreamy of sorts back to them...

21 Richmond Tce,
Richmond, Victoria

Eyes have it    The Eyes Have It

Send me your EYE related mailart,prose,collage,what have you.

any size any medium open call.
will receive mailart and documentation.

22 s mallory street
hampton virginia

Penguins    Penguins

Ongoing project

Format: Flat, Postcard Size

Electronic Format: JPG, GIF, or animated GIF formats.
Please keep the file size small - do not exceed 4" high x 5" wide image size at 72 dpi, or approximately 200k.

Documentation: all entries will be posted on No returns.

Send entries to:
MAP #2
P.O. Box 130123
Saint Paul, MN 55113

or: b e t s y p r e s t o n @ y a h o o . com (remove embedded spaces)"

spoiled mail art    SPOLIATION

spoliation (spo-lee-AY-shun) noun [ME from L spoliation, past participle of spoliare, from spoil.] 1. The act of pillaging and plundering. 2. Seizure of neutral ships at sea in time of war. 3. DELIBERATE DESTRUCTION OR ALTERATION OF A DOCUMENT.

Almost all first submissions are used. Subsequent submissions may also be used.

Documentation to every 20 participants.


c/o Ficus strangulensis, Prop
Editions sRL
Rt 6 Box 138
Charleston, WV


swedenborgs mail art   Swedenborg's Airplane

Mailart having to do with Swedenborg's design for a fixed wing aircraft from 1714. 
Machines and angels ok. 
Deadline: open. 
Documentation to all participants.

Send to:
Jesse Glass
Foreign Languages Dept.
Meikai University
8 Akemi, Urayasu-shi
Chiba-ken, 279-8550

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