10. You begin to get excited when receiving junk mail that has a Business Reply Envelope in it that you can reuse.

9. Your friends are all mad at you for sending them chain letters all the time.

8. You can't explain to non-mailartist people what it is, exactly, that you do with your spare time.

7. The art supply store is becoming suspicious about your frequent purchases of spray adhesive.

6. You have appeared in Ryosuke Cohen's Brain Cell project at least four times.

5. The postal clerks all try to take their breaks when they see you walk in.

4. You can disassemble and unjam a photocopier while blindfolded.

3. There are so many scraps of paper on your desk that you've added another desk in order to do "real" work.

2. There's stamp pad ink on your fingertips right now

. . . . and the number 1 way to tell if you've got mailart madness:

1. You haven't recently communicated with family who live 10 miles away, but you send mail to six different people in Uzbekistan.

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