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Biography of Geert De Decker

Geert De Decker
Sztuka Fabryka - c/o De Decker Geert - Kerkstraat 290 - 9140 Tielrode - Belgium
Tel. & Fax (24 hours a day): ++32 (0)3-770 84 64

Date of birth:
Temse, 21 February 1969

1985 - '88: 'Artistic humaniora' at Sint-Lucas, Gent (artschool)
1988 - '90: Architecture at Sint-Lucas, Gent
1990 - '93: 'Building constructor' at CHOVTI Aalst (Centrum Hoger Onderwijs Vrij Technisch Instituut)

Supplement education:
1994 - '96: Scientific and administrative program language at LBC, Sint-Niklaas.
For many years he followed the lessons at the Academie of Temse: publicity, AutoCad and graphic art.

1. Organiser of the yearly international "Independent Music & Arts"Festival since 1988 with independent music - Mail-Art exhibitions - performances - video - literature - . Together with the Festival organiser of several Mail-Art projects.

2. Publications:
- 'Zippily' a review about networking in Belgium
- essay: 'The mail-art movement and its democratic principles!' in 'Lund Art Press - Lund University - School of Architecture', Vol 2 No. 1, Sweden
- 'Mail Art a brief history!' by 'Sztuka Fabryka' in the magazine 'Tanz der Rosen No. 2', Belgium
- essay "Critical notes about e-mail-art!" and some art in Doc(k)s "Un notre web", Série 3, 21/22/23/24.

3. Radioshows: 'Mail Box Blues' on local radio 'Progress' (1990 - 1992)

4. Exhibitions:
- a small exhibition of the 'Sztuka Fabryka Archive' on a local hobby exposition at Tielrode
- "Salon d'Artiste' at 'de Nekkerhallen' Mechelen
- the 'Link (instabiele media)'-festival of Escape 3 Organisation, Antwerp, Belgium
- exhibition in the atelier of Juliaan Verbruggen
- and several other national and international exhibitions

5. Internet: May 1995 first issue of the 'Sztuka Fabryka Gallery' on internet. Europe's first website about Mail-Art

6. Design:
- artwork used for a picture-disc with the bands 'Das Schreckenskabinett', 'Dive', 'Suicide Commando' and 'Stin Scatzor'
- tape-cover of 'Cybernetic Organism' & 'Laryngoscope' by TdV-Tapes
- design of the poster for the 27th fencing contest at Sint-Niklaas, organised by 'Schermkring Sint-Niklaas'.

7. Performances:
- Performance at the 2 Festival della performance, Venice (Italy), 18 and 19 May 2002.
- "Zeeland Dichter" poetry Festival, 7 June 2002.

8. Mail-Art Archive: an Archive of activities in the international independent network, Mail-Art, Art & Technology, Industrial Art & Music, surfing on the edge and much more.


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