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Check out the latest mailart (or do you say mail art?) happenings or browse my recent graphics (is it art?) at SITO or . I love to collaborate, so feel free to contact me with your wacky ideas.

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Rael Mail's excellent pen and ink art


As I was showing off this site to my six year old son Ricky, he said, "I want to draw some artwork for your web site, dad." He sat down in front of the computer and spent about an hour locked away creating. He came in the room and said "I'm done, dad!" I felt obliged to display his art here but I was a little reluctant because it's better than most of my graphics here.

See Ricky's art
, poem or photography.

Don't miss the mailart links or the supremely eclectic collection of art web sites that I have assembled in the last 9 years.

My work is kinda quirky and ranges from digital art to postcards.
Steal anything of mine for free if you use it for non-commercial purposes. Check out some antique graphics or view some really old crappy digital art I made.

Please check out some great artists whom I had the pleasure of communicating with and contact me if you are interested in letting me interview you for the flashlight artist pages.

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