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April 28 2006 - Sent a virtual 3-D letter to Ray Johnson. See if you can find it in the 3D Warehouse . You will need to install Google Earth (free) if you want to find the hidden letter on the Google Earth map. If you download the Sketchup application (free), then you will be able to view, read and edit the letter in 3-D. Here is a screen shot for the curious: Screenshot 001 And here it is sitting on the earth: Screenshot002.

Or just view the movie:"Letter 2 Ray"

April 27 2006 - Visit the Imaginary Garden Project and see a virtual sculpture garden you can download and visit on Google Earth.

April 21 2006 - Added a new Frappr map for Mail Art. I'm hoping that members will add themselves to the Google map and post their mailing addresses.

March-April 2006 - Created 3 audio and video pieces for the new Fluxus Podcast of Walter Cianciusi. You can subscribe to tthe podcast or just view individual works by surfing over to the Fluxus page at Podcast.net .

17 November 2005 - Got a new kiyotei page on Myspace.com. I like the easy way you can collect friends and check out great new bands. I've already bought 3 CDs from new local artists. You can also add music and video to your pages very quickly.

30 October 2005 - Added the new Day of the Dead 2005 Artistamp for Cebi Jubi to the postal page at mailartist.com.

5 August 2005 - Added a new photo gallery at istockphoto.com. This great resource has gazzilions of great stock photos are bargain basement prices. I no longer surf endlessly on Google images for that one great picture, I go here and grab it for a buck.

22 July 2005 - Updated the Gallery for the Virii ATC (artist trading card) Trade/Swap to include the latest contributions. This ongoing project is almost 2 years old now and I've received some amazing stuff.
View the call details and see the new gallery with a slideshow option.

17 May 2005 - Updated the mailart resources pages and added a ton of new links including, blogs, forums and sites which post mail art calls. Updated the mailart online documentation and the mailart calls pages. Also you can subscribe automatically to the mailart mailing list by visiting this site.

11 February 2005 - Updated the mailartist.com pages and got rid of a few dead links. Updated the mailart online documentation pages.

8 January 2005 - Added a new Blog for my travel photos with shots of my recent trips to the Anza Borrego Desert and beyond. Lots of new stuff at kiyotei's den Blog too!

22 November 2004 - Updated and revived the blogger space for kiyotei's den blog and trying to decide which of my two journals to keep. Don't know if I want keep updating the blogger or the livejournal . . .

1 November 2004 - Added new artistamp to the Day of the Dead series for the ficticious island nation of Matangi.

26 October 2004 - Updated the information on mailart documentation page including a link to the gallery and docs for Mailmania from the Gallery on Herald, Victoria, BC Canada.

18 July 2004 - Check out the great new mailart font created by Keith Bates as part of a cool mailart project. The copyright free is available for download and makes a nice addition to your system fonts.

29 May 2004 - the Mailartist.com gets hacked for no apparent reason and all index.html pages are replaced with this page: Hacker text. The quote by Albert Einstein in the center of the page is in Portuguese and says, "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it. Other sites on our host are attacked as well and security is now greatly improved.

12 May 2004 - Created new art video entitled "Blah Blah TV" in Windows Media Format (.wmv - 1.45 MB) using my faithful and freaky dog Bonnie as the star.

17 April 2004 - Added the great Wikipedia mailart definiton to the mailart resources section of DMOZ.

15 April 2004 - Visit the new, improved mailartist.com and check out the updated collaborative directories of Honoria Starbuck and John Held Jr. Don't forget to join our mailing list.

24 February 2004 - Started updating my online blog at Live Journal after a long delay.

24 August 2003 - Started an ATC (artist trading card) Trade/Swap on the theme: Viruses, Worms & Trojans.
Get the full info by clicking here. Come on... I dare you to "infect me" with your art.

18 August 2003 - Added a collaborative Add & Pass project by C.Z. Lovecraft titled Face It to the mailartist.com

17 August 2003 - Added a new gallery of ATCs to the mailartist.com web site with thirty examples of artist trading cards. This new art form is rapidly gaining popularity in Canada and the U.S.A. If you would like to trade some cards, please send me an email.

13 April 2003 - Jones Soda is cool. Help put my art on a soda bottle: Vote for label one or label two!

26 February 2003 - Check out the great new "Flash enhanced" slideshow of my images at Sito.org. This great site is the work of Pixel-master Ed Stastny of Oregon. See some of Ed's great stuff including fantastique ATCs by visiting his Bistro Sinistro web page.

14 November 2002 - Added the infamous "mailart for sale" page.

24 October 2002 - New "Flashlight Artist" interview. Featured artist is the very talented Kat Pukas of Tucson, Arizona.

12 September 2002 - Someone sent me an audio file that was kind of funny. I felt it need a visual twist, so I put together a little video using Music Maker 7. Here is the finished product (You will need the Real Player to view it) - 230K.

5 September 2002 - Added a new email form for contacting kiyotei's den.

3 September 2002 - Updated and improved the BIG list of art links.

16 August 2002 - If you have a fast pipeline, check out my new video composition at mailartist.com - the video is in Quicktime format and is 12.5 Megs.

16 August 2002 - finally got around to putting up a "What's New?" page. I've been meaning to do it for some time.

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