Thanks for all the Excellent feedback!

Here a few of the responses I have received over the years. If you have any comments, flames, suggestions and/or feedback, please send an email to the den and I may post it here. When you are finished reading, go back to the Home Page

From: Natalie (natalievann@yahoo)

I love your site. It is the first mail art site I visited. EVER. I recently became geeked about mail art because I saw the film, "How to Draw a Bunny"- a documentary film about Ray Johnson. Although I have an Art degreee, I was sort of shocked to know of this subculture and wondred why my Art profs never mentioned it. I guess there's alot about the Art world I don't know yet. I guess that's why they call it a college degree.

From: A.1.Waste Paper CO (wastedpapiers@yahoo)

great site for sore eys kiyotei! stumbled on it via ruuds UOIMA website. great site. a real aladdins cave of mail art treasure! i shall be back for another peek soon. all the best, michael

From: L.Q. Razz (

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From: Sarah Cates (sarahcates7@hotmail)

i like what you do, love the variety and the mad mixture of mediums. i like to mix it up myself, i have a collection of stuff to cut up in the spare room at home, bits of sponge, glitter, old cards, stamps... whatever catches my eye. i guess im a bit of a magpie - collecting shiny things!

From: Vic Locken (lockv@shaw)

Ilove your art. I would dearly love to copy your picture "Drunken Bacchus" on my labels for my homemade wine. Would it be possible to obtain a copy in a format that would give me a good quality print.

From: Laurie Smith (ljosmith@earthlink)

What a great time I had viewing your works. If you ever get interested in more exposure, I'd be happy to add some of your images to my site. You're very talented and unique.

From: Joan Samara (demosg@earthlink)

I've been looking at a lot of digital collage sites and yours stopped me in my tracks - the colors alone are amazing. Anyway I cant wait to see what you do next. I'll be visiting this site often for up-dates. oh, also..the other thing I like about your work is that you're not afraid to share info about how you created some of your effects - thanks for sharing your work.

From: Jen Mullen / Bayou Poste (jenclair@aol)

I've been visiting your site regularly for over a year and am always entertained. Love your "Picture of the Week" entries and look forward to them. Your new features are great; keep up the good work, you daunting dog.

From: Larry Angelo (angelnyny@aol)

I have been wandering over,under,around and through what seems like your inexhaustible mail art collections; BRAVO. I've been doing mail art for almost 15 years, but have been on the web only months and as they say: I HAD NO IDEA! So, thank you for all your good work, it's just amazing to see so much stuff, ideas, links, etc.

From: Rob Grant (grantinks@netspace)

Your site is always a joy to visit. I found it Informative and inspirational, Your egalitarianism embodies my understanding of the true spirit of mail art.

From: Ranjit Bhatnagar (ranjit@moonmilk)

Yay! Great site!

From:Gull-May Holst (gull-may.holst@telia)

I really liked what I saw of your art on the net! greatly inspiring to someone living in the archipelago to the North of Stockholm, Sweden., and who has not yet dared toi do what you are doing! Again — THANK YOU for the AHA-moments.

From: Larry Dennis (editor@clamcity)

I like your stuff too. Since on your site you offered to let any non-commercial site use your work (and since I'm not a business - just a guy with an addiction to zine publishing) I took the liberty of adding a piece of yours to a story by James Dorr in the current issue of EOTU Ezine.

From: Fred Wheeler (ijeditor@magellanmusic)

Viewed you work on display at Wonderful stuff! I wanted to invite you to submit a piece for display on our new online publication Indie Journal.

From: Lisa (

Had a look at some of your picutres.. really loved (in particular) love em all :) alabird and ketzhorn!!

From: Bill Mungall (mungall@umich)

i have enjoyed surfing your artwork for the past hour- i've been looking at people's work for the past two weeks- looking for someone inspiring . i was attracted by the many head and facial images you've produced, and the cleanliness of the images. content is thought out rather than constantly layed up. also your graphics and treatment of the pages are great.

From: Catherine W. Nanz (cwn@msi)

I found your page through www., and wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed wandering through.. I especially like your water-themed pix behind the green door in your Through a Portal exhibit

From: Penny Panos-Klug (ppk@xtalwind)

Hi. I have lived in rural Florida most of my life, "the Old South". "Wine Country Dog" somehow struck a cord with me. It's home. And it's beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us Netizens.

From: Bill Levers (BILLPAINTS@aol)

Came across you page by accident & was quite impressed. I will say, upfront, that it is not in a style that I can relate to. I can appreciate the skill & the thought that went into it. My hat off to you, sir. Although as I said, it is not my style, you are excellent. If I could in my style, carry the degree of intensity & message that you do, I would most certainly consider myself successful as an artist!

From: David Sylvester (davids@agate)

I spent about an hour at your site checking all the images. Very nice!!!

From: Jon Gootnick (rachael@ix.netcom)

love your art...just thought i would let you know...very haunting

From: Jonathan Malley/Mark Carpenter (buzzaldrin@geocities)

We are Mr. Carpenter's Second grade class at Buzz Aldrin Elementary School in Reston, VA. Our class is studying about Native Americans. We found your picture of the Aztec Vulture God. We really like it.

From: Mitchell Krog (

I checked out your new site......very cool....great background. Your art is also excellent...definately suits my taste. I haven't checked all your art out...but those that I did are really good.

From: Monica Gallardo (monarte@overnet)

Soy artista plastica, mi nombre es Monica Gallardo; tengo interes en conocer su trayectoria y su obra, parte de lo cual ya he visto en su web. Agradecere se comunique conmigo a mi correo electronico.

From: ric (ric@pacificarts)

Love your work. Would you consider doing some artwork on upcoming website projects we have? Call me?

From: greg white (ggw@gte)

I've enjoyed your site, Much of what I see on the net, is too dark, or too Genx, for me. I like your images,colorful, playful, quality work. Thanks

From: Trish Agnew (mvagnew@starnetinc)


YAY! after doing an hour of searching under watercolor and not finding anything that was interesting, provocative, or above average, I found your site. A good variety, Tribal Mask my fav. Keep up the great work!

From: Maria Kruse (maria@zianet)

Nice gallery, I liked your "Piper in the woods" a lot.

From: J R Rogers (jrrogers@home)

Most gratitying site. You artistic style and ability should translate well into software engineering as there are plenty of places for creative people!

From: simran dhaliwal (dhillon@nettap)

alll your pictures are Great!!! I hope you do great in the long run!

From: "jester" (jester@intrnet)

Most of your art is out side what my mind is programmed to like or dislike! So I'm unable to say Good or Bad but dawnmirg was VERY VERY GOOD! so keep up your work and one day I may be able to tell you about others that reach my feeble mind enough to say more. Thankx for the views anyway! ! !

From: Ramesch@aol

Tell Ricky I think he has a lot of talent. Keep up the good work!!!!!

From: Cliff Ingham (ClifCanGo@aol)

I really like your work!

From: Sam Hopkins (future21@pgh.nauticom)

I was just on you WWW server, and I just wanted to let you know that I think it is great. Very nice design.

From: SMPix@aol

Is that an occasional burst of black whimsy in your excellently designed and colored virtual artifacts? These are nice pages! Thank you.

From: Tad Weyland (weyland@earthlink)

I did get a chance to see your site, and was very impressed. I liked the organic look of your work. So many others I've seen are just cold, digital,layers.

From: Jim Grimes (jimg@bongo.jpl.nasa)

Just wanted to say thanks for your artwork, and for putting it out there on the net. I've been collecting and enjoying it for about a year, just to show on my screen sort of randomly. Now I know where your Web page is, and that's a pleasant surprise for a Monday morning. And thanks for Ricky's picture - maybe it'll inspire my son.

From: John Martinez (juanix@rhein-neckar.netsurf)

I liked viewing your work, especially sunking.gif. The sort of graphics you do are not quite my style (sorry, no offense intended), but they are moving. I'm into earthtones right now, with high contrast and superimposed black and white portraits on nature scenes. Good luck with Ricky - hope he doesn't eat the mouse.

From: Robert Brossa (lgellman@ix.netcom)

I'm looking for Aids related photos and art for a non-profit publication and came across this incredible art last sunday. It really took my breath away. If there is any chance I can publish some of your work it will be another source of exposure and will be going toward a great cause.

From: Charlotte Geier (char_ger@ix.netcom)

Hey, Howdie! That's SOME Home Page... Had a little trouble getting there, but it was definitely worth the time.

From: Marketta Leino (marleino@mleino.pp)

Jee, were full of snow... but I like your room and there is nothing wrong with your poems, either. But I never had a chance even to try surfing.

From: Jaimes Alsop (jalsop@hooked)

Very professional layout, sharp graphics! The "look and feel" is great. Congratulations and keep up the good work. Best, J.

From: John Luszcz (peaches@ix.netcom)

Your artwork is extremely impressive I especially like the abstract perspective of "The Sun Hermit". I feel it was worth my while to view your work. Thank you.

From: Robert Catan (rcatan@

I have only been on the net for a few days and am trying to figure out what default bookmarks to keep. I haven't seen anything better than the graphics I saw displayed here. I'm very impressed.

From: frontier (frontier@pcix)

I had to take the time to say I was very impressed with the visual page design as well as the imagery! It's hard to find well designed pages of good art. I was most impressed with Ricky's image though, I'll have to admit! I'd like to hook him up with my daughter Kasandra in about 10 years (she's 7). hehe. Thanks for the images.

From: jpcallahan@mmm

I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed checking out your home page. It really shows a lot of work and pride in what you have done. I'm a beginer at the web and it's pages like yours that give us new folks on the block a chance to find the truly interesting and fun things out and about. By the way tell your son I liked his work. Thanks Much!!!

From: Todd C Robinson (toddcr@cts)

Hey! Pretty groovy page. Digital art is the way to go!

From: Gloria Cannon (cannon1@llnl)

I love your paintings, especially Kokopelli #5, Fractual Crab, Spirt of the Hummingbird. The colors and designs are terrific. Do you exhibit somewhere (other than the Internet)?

From: Ed Gulley (edgulley@kentek)

I like your work that I have downloaded ( ok not everything ). Well at any rate I am interested enough to download and you haven't lost me yet.

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