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............evidence of my humanity.
............ ............ ..-by jaxun

... ]|[ am known as Jackson Albert Riggen, III, to the US Government, and my parents... ]|[ was cast into This World on April 25, 1970... ]|[ am in love with Shelley Harding-Riggen... ]|[ currently reside in Woodland, California... ]|[ commute 180 miles a day, 4 days a week since August 1993 (with no radio in my car, on purpose)... ]|[ react violently to stupidity, especially my own... ]|[ like to hum in public bathroom stalls to find the resonance, but only when I know nobody else is around... ]|[ talk to too many people every day as part of my job (Helpdesk geek)... ]|[ wonder if Jesus is in the second booth from the left at the Benicia Bridge Toll Plaza every nite when I'm driving home, and always say hello just in case... ]|[ sometimes fear losing everything important to me just when life gets sweetest... ]|[ suffer from RSI, various back problems, and self-inflicted high blood pressure... ]|[ sometimes get frustrated with the frailty of this vessel in which I am supposed to navigate life... ]|[ get more frustrated with my own resistance to doing anything that could make this vessel a little more comfortable to inhabit... ]|[ am of the opinion that, as a race of semi-sentient beings, we are well on our way to entertaining ourselves to death... ]|[ like the color blue the most... ]|[ have an interest in altered states of awareness... ]|[ wonder what would constitute an UNaltered state of awareness... ]|[ try not to take myself too seriously, and laugh whenever the Universe reminds me... ]|[ sit on the board of directors for a family corporation that oversees the use and care of farmland right at the mouth of the Columbia Gorge... ]|[ teach an Internet class and maintain the website part-time at D-Q University in Davis, CA... ]|[ wonder if the Buddha will visit me in my garden someday, or if he already has and I was on the phone with some telephone sales representative offering a competitive long-distance plan... ]|[ fear the Force of Habit as a form of Death (which, ironically, I do not fear)... ]|[ fear fame as a form of Hell (having to live 2 lives)... ]|[ only recently started wearing responsible shoes... ]|[ wonder why I can never find Thousand Island dressing with bacon flavor any more... ]|[ drive too fast and go too long between oil changes... ]|[ heavily dig any music my drummer-of-a-brother Brandon is involved in making... ]|[ steadfstly refuse to buy or install games on my PCs... ]|[ will never buy a Porche, Benz, or BMW, and hereby give anyone who catches me driving one permission to tease me mercilessly... ]|[ wonder if I'll ever go back to school and get a degree, and if so, if I will ever decide on a major... ]|[ have been known to cook things in our department microwave that nauseate my co-workers... sometimes belive that the best thing for this planet would be an alien invasion that wipes out all traces of human DNA... ]|[ sometimes skip my regular morning coffee... ]|[ am formulating a model of the human psyche using the main characters from the Simpsons to represent the various elements... ]|[ resist listening to commercial radio because it makes me want to kill something... ]|[ have a difficult time sustaining small-talk... ]|[ have been known to ask telemarketers what they really want to do with their lives... ]|[ regularly put off yardwork in order to train for the Napping Event in the 2000 Olympics... ]|[ think OJ did it... ]|[ ask for plastic bags at the grocery store so I can reuse them, then never do... ]|[ eat crumbly food over my keyboard at work knowing the eventual consequences... ]|[ always consume too much advil when I take it... ]|[ have never been arrested for indecent exposure... ]|[ have a friend who doesn't own or use a single Microsoft product... ]|[ no longer get annoyed when someone mispronounces my name by adding an 's', even when they've just read it off a piece of paper... ]|[ am convinced that humans have a fundamental addiction to drama, and often go out of their way to create it in their lives... ]|[ plan on being cremated on top of a funeral pyre, on top of a butte somehwere in Arizona or New Mexico... ]|[ can understand my wife's repulsion at the idea of my body going up in smoke in such a manner... ]|[ have this weird crease in my fingernail on the middle finger of my right hand that causes the nail to grow unevenly... ]|[ have large, detached earlobes... ]|[ don't own a gun, but probably will eventually (to fight off the mutants)... ]|[ believe that some kind of global cataclysm awaits us all in the next 25 years, but decided I'll have kids anyway... ]|[ have come to the conclusion that we have been given life in order to learn what it means to be human... ]|[ am perfectly willing to admit that my favorite word is dung, and regularly tell co-workers I could go for a big, steaming bucket of it for lunch... ]|[ have paid for (and wasted) atleast 2 memberships to a health club... ]|[ shave my own hair... ]|[ know that HAL, the name for the computer in 2001 is exactly one letter off from IBM, but haven't figured out what significance this has in my life yet... ]|[ actually enjoy the smell of dead skunk... ]|[ actually like my boss... ]|[ used to destroy toys with fire when I was a kid, but never burnt down any property... ]|[ have paid my karmic debt for all the things I shoplifted when I was younger... ]|[ was voted 'Guy with Cutest Kness' in my graduating class... ]|[ probably have cancer as a result of breathing the air in the room where I work... ]|[ believe that a cure for cancer and other fatal diseases might not actually be such a good thing for humanity, because we would lose such a powerful lesson for reaffirming Life (and something more insidious would invariably take its place)... ]|[ use a "nostril auger" to clear them, and can sneeze at will simply by humming through my nose... ]|[ can adjust the alignment in my own back and neck, thus saving me hundreds in chiropractic bills, but which will probably cost me thousands in physical therapy 10 years from now... ]|[ have taken sarcasm to a high art... occasionally quote Monthy Python skits, and actually did the main part in the Lumberjack scene in front of my entire highschool at a rally, complete with bra... ]|[ have perfected my own Sillywalk, which I have not yet registered with the Minstry... ]|[ haven't been to the dentist since 1993 because I hate people digging around in my mouth (after years of orthodontia)... ]|[ first got high in a dentist's chair, and developed a taste for morphine derivatives... ]|[ have been known to engage in substance abuse, but never entered a 12-step program... ]|[ once wore a single pair of pants (and 3 shirts) to work three days a week for months before expanding my wardrobe... ]|[ have a persistent tick in the lower lid of my left eye that just won't go away... ]|[ enjoy oral sex a great deal (especially the giving part!)... ]|[ hate when I burn the roof of my mouth and I get those strings of skin hanging down... ]|[ am perplexed by the whole Beavis and Butthead phenomenon, especially by the fact that I find them amusing and repulsive at the same time... ]|[ used to watch Star Trek TNG religiously, but probably won't even see the newest movie until 6 months after it goes to video... ]|[ still haven't seen all of Jurassic Park... ]|[ have had the same hoop earring in my left earlobe since 1989... ]|[ have the bad habit of leaving dishes in the sink until they get mildewed... ]|[ will hopefully never have to wear a tie to work on a regular basis ever again... ]|[ am well aware of the fact that there really is no "]|[", but sustain the illusion for appearances anyway... ]|[ have every intention of keeping this list going, but it may still stop here...

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