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... Idiom, Medium, and Tools of The Involution ...

-A style or form of artistic expression that is characteristic of an individual, a period or movement, or a medium or instrument.

Imago Dei is my own personal experiment in perception, a visual chronicle of my creative explorations as I begin the inward Journey of the Artist.

As the circle of my explorations slowly widens, certain themes and energies have begun to manifest as part of my perspective. Transitalismania is the playground of my Muse, where I am merely a channel of energies that represent themselves in the images you will find here. I am striving, with Transitalismania, to coax the personality of each archetypal energy which is emerging in my life into form and color (see Interpretations: Themes Explored).

I am cultivating a unique visual flavor in my work, and this effort is most apparent in the highly fluid colorforms that sometimes seem to wash across my screen. I am not especially inclined to create hard lines in my images, but this is largely due to my continued desire to experiment with color and more subtle form than was possible in my drafting classes. Maybe it's an unconscious mental backlash from all those years relying on the straightedge and the ever-dulling, ever-needing-sharpening 2B mechanical pencils in drafting and arch graphics classes. Maybe it's because I never learned how to draw freehand. Everything is overdetermined.

... More to come ...

-A physical or technical means of artistic expression.

I have explored my artistic tendencies using a personal computer to create images since 1993. My creative outlets before that were fairly limited in scope and depth, with a smattering of photography and journalism, and a substantial selection of technical drawing and architectural graphics classes spread out over my high school and junior college educations. The written word has also been a long-standing passion, but my fascination with image creation seems to have blossomed into a self-sustaining past-time that is becoming an increasingly integral part of who I am.

In presenting my artwork to the world, I have chosen to employ the Internet as my primary delivery medium. This seems most appropriate to me in light of the digital nature of these images. This method of presentation also lends itself well to my personality, in that I enjoy my privacy and anonymity, and I can share a far more intimate picture of my persona than I might otherwise be willing to reveal in a different environment.

... More to come ...


Windows 95

486 DX2/66 ... 32 MB RAM ... Orchid VLB P9000 (3 MB graphics card)
Promise VLB Caching HD controller ... 14" Viewsonic 6E monitor
Wacom SD-510C graphics tablet ... ZIP 100MB removeable drive
USR Sportster 14.4k external modem ... HP Deskjet 850C inkjet printer

Fractal Design Painter 3.1/4.0 ... CorelDRAW! v. 5
CorelXARA! ... Microsoft FrontPage v. 1.1
Netscape 2.02 ... Windows Notepad (go ASCII!)

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