Horrible Poems by Trurl's Electronic Bard

Trurl made a machine that wrote poetry. He invited Klapaucius over to witness its first trial run, and these are the first three poems it composed, all quite horrible.

This is the Electronic Bard's first poem:
Pev't o' tay merlong gumin gots,
Untle yun furly pazzen ye,
Confre an' ayzor, ayzor ots,
Bither de furloss bochre blee!
This is its next poem:
Mockles! Fent on silpen tree,
Blockards three a-feening,
Mockles, what silps came to thee
In thy pantry dreaming?
And its third, unfinished poem:
Oft, in that wickless chalet all begorn,
Where whilom soughed the mossy sappertort
And you were wont to bong --
From Cyberiad, by Stanislaw Lem.