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Paul Sable

© 1993
(H: 84", W: 12", D: 10" acrylic & light)
Physically, I work with lucite sheets; coloring and bonding them with specially formulated solvent and monomer based adhesive systems. The resulting multi-colored laminations are then shaped into sacred geometric forms. The obelisks are then fitted into black acrylic bases which contain a powerful light source and a motorized color wheel. The resulting light patterns that are projected above and behind the tip onto the wall and ceiling and lumia light paintings.

Metaphysically, there is a "random" or chance pattern that is repeatedly creating images that appear to be angelic and celestial in origin. During interaction this sculpture/light painting has the power to evoke strong emotional outpourings of calming and peaceful energies in those present.

I am continuing to explore the potential of this new art form, It is unfolding as a synthesis of sculpture, painting, technology and its ability to move us into deep internal responses.