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Elizabeth Saltos

Diagonal Relief
© 1996
(H: 8', L: 20', D: 15"

Elizabeth Saltos creates sculpture from a continually evolving series of geometric configurations. She uses a visual alphabet of shape, color and surface in dialogue with its architectural environs.

Elizabeth's work has been installed in many corporate settings across the United States, including Silicon Graphics, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and VISA.

Elizabeth has also successfully completed several commissions for art in public places. The most recent, shown here, is an outdoor faŤade relief for the city of San Francisco, CA. 1996.

Her materials include all varieties of metals in light and movement, She utilizes many contemporary surface treatments for color and maintains permancy, durability and aesthetics as her final goal.

Elizabeth's work develops site-specically for commissions and she also produces studio work that is site-adjusted sue to the modularity of its geometry. A selection of slides and pricelist-description is available upon request.