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John Random

Anti-Nuclear, Inter-Planetary, Politically Correct, Millenium Probe Mk. V.
© 1997
(H: 6', W: 4', D: 10'
mixed media)

Growing up in England, under the flight path between Germany and London we boys would scour the streets after a fleet of enemy bombers had passed, searching for shrapnel, which we all avidly collected. The bigger and more ugly chunks were the most prized. We would salivate with envy over the other guy's best pieces. It was like manna from heaven. Thus the love of the art of Found Objects was planted in my soul. Being "Lost", (and therefore valueless), one if freed to observe all objects as abstract matter, to be manipulated at will, unhampered by the constraints of their cost, form, colour, or intended purpouse. The sheer abundance of stuff to use, renders the possibility of creating profound and powerful works, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, inexhaustable. Upon emigrating to America, and finding an abundance of unloved objects to play with, I am currently able to develop pieces such as the Anti-Nuclear, Inter-Planetary, Politically Correct, Millenium Probe Mk. V. and make pointed and humorous statements about the life and times I see around me. Composed of elements from toilets, shopping carts, motorcycles etc., the "Probe" is on course for the planets and is due to arrive at the milennium.