Art by Ruth Kedar

Art by Ruth Kedar

I work with a variety of media, from Monotypes to Digital Art.
Since I am particularly interested in variations, patterns and developing new visual languages, the choice of the these media is self-evident.

My fine arts portfolio, as well as all other projects I have been involved with, concentrate on the above areas of interest. After struggling for a while on how to curate my internet studio, I have decided to divide it into four major themes: Digital Art, Monotypes, Mixed Media, and Playing Cards

Please feel free to browse and jump from one theme to the other, since they seem to merge more often than not...

In order to make the download of these pages faster, small conceptual thumbnails and icons were created. They are not, however, miniaturized versions of the actual images. So, I encourage you to click on them - hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised!

For more details on how to navigate through this internet show, some additional thoughts and an outdated photograph (!), check my Artist's Statement.

"Digital Art"
A collection of fine art thematic variations: "1001 Nights," "Masquerades." and "Patter Patterns." From the whimsical to the pragmatic, from chaos to order, from the individual to the collective, thematic variations allow ideas to develop and evolve. New directions are discovered, and the fourth dimension is evoked. The digital medium (and my computer in particular) has proven a great collaborator, and many of these variations are a direct result of this (at times very boisterous) dialog.

Process: the whys and hows become clearer and enlightment usually follows. As a designer and artist I am constantly probing and questioning the status quo. As a teacher, the thinking process becomes the key of understanding a student's unique point of view. Through the Monotype medium I am able to develop thematic variations through a process that links them both physically and intellectually, since each image is built upon the ghost print of its predecessor.
I use Monotypes as the visual grammar in the process of developing new visual languages.

"Mixed Media"

Art and Technology: New processes as a means of inspiration. The computer allows for further manipulations of my monoprint series. The thematic variations are now played on a broader scale, the dry definitions of the various media are questioned, and art emerges as the universal denomination.

"Playing Cards"
Playing cards have always fascinated me. They are surrounded by mystique and for centuries people have lived and died by them: be it in the perpetual search for their fortune at the hands of fortune-tellers or loosing their fortunes and lives at the gambling tables of the Far (and not so far) West. My Playing card designs integrate an innovative visual language with strong links to the tradition and lore of traditional playing card design.

This show is still under development!