1001 Nights by Ruth Kedar

1001 Nights by Ruth Kedar

1001 Nights is a Digital Art show.
Samples of Desert Winds, Mirage, and Ali Baba Series are shown below.

From Desert Winds to Mirages

The desert.
Where Man, since ancient times, deals
with an implacable Nature,
questioning his strength,
stretching the bounds of reason.
The desert.
Cradle of civilizations,
mother of fantasy and spirit.

These images were inspired by the stories of Scheherazade
and celebrate the human spirit.

Desert Winds 2 (gif 87 K)
Desert Winds 4 (gif 59 K)
Desert Winds 5 (gif 44 K)
Desert Dust (gif 72 K)
Mirage (gif 45 K)

Ali Baba

Open Sesame shows the whimsy of the Ali Baba Series:
Instead of showing the individual prints, Open Sesame the movie, takes you along on a ride of fable and treasure.

Open Sesame (mov 480 K)
Open Sesame (mpg 176 K)

Ruth Kedar
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