Monotypes by Ruth Kedar

Monotypes by Ruth Kedar

Monotype, Monoprint
One of a kind. No two prints alike.
...each image may be physically and intellectually linked to others,
as it is created upon the ghost of its predecessor
and becomes the basis for all its successors.


A series of Monoprints inspired by the changing of seasons.

Night begetting day,
forces changing from within,
space changing all around.

Borealis (mov 192 K)
Borealis (mpg 96 K)


A series of Monoprints inspired by the Japanese Hanna cards.

Each playing card belongs as much to its own suit as it belongs to all suits.
Therefore, Solitaire Master Players can mix and match cards as they play.

Hanna (mov 300 K)
Hanna (mpg 128 K)
Hanna Ni (mov 176 K)
Hanna Ni (mpg 80 K)

Through the Looking Glass

A series of Monoprints inspired by the Court Cards in a playing card deck .

Since the Middle Ages, the legendary Kings and Queens of the Hebrews, Greeks, Romans and Roman Catholics have provided the inspiration for the familiar images found in the Court Cards:
The King of Clubs is Alexander the Great, the greek conqueror with the world at his feet. The King of Hearts is CharleMagne, roman figure of legendary proportions.

Alexander the Great and CharleMagne monoprints also became the basis for my Mixed Mediaworks

David Hebrew King, King of Spades (gif 99 K)
Julius Caesar Roman Emperor, King of Diamonds(gif 168 K)

Ruth Kedar
(650) 566-1900