Mixed Media

  • A marriage of technologies, with the computer adding new dimensions to my Monotype series.

    The thematic variations are now played on a broader scale, the dry definitions of the various media are questioned, and art emerges as the universal denomination.

  • This art installation includes variations of original themes found in the "Court Cards" monotype series.

    In a way they are variations within variations.

    The monotypes focus on the individual male characters and their time in history, while this series focuses on female characters that existed in between their times.

  • "Kings & Amulets" looks at the interplay between powerful men and women, their culture and lore.

    Kings & Amulets "

  • The original monotypes are scanned, further enhanced digitally, and printed on watercolor paper.

    These digital prints are also known as Giclees.

  • Each Giclee is manually proofed and released as a limited edition, signed and numbered.

  • Since the Giclees are printed on watercolor paper, they may in turn be further worked in mixed media, such as charcoal and pastels, creating new one of a kind images.

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