Ruth Kedar

  • " More than making single images, I develop logical structures that create new visual progressions.

    I work in many layers. My philosophy and aesthetics are the fibers that run through them, connecting, expanding.

    The creative process, this dialog between self and medium, evolves into visual languages-- their grammar ever changing to encompass new avenues of thought.

    Therefore, my medium of choice is always a vehicle of variation and exploration.

    These days, most of my time is taken with design projects, however...

    ... as always, I am developing new art series, gestating a book on patterns, and developing a new deck of transformation cards."

    Ruth Kedar, May 2001

  • I hope you will enjoy your visit to my Studio and viewing my work.

    The art presented here is for your enjoyment.
    Please do not alter it or use it in any commercial way without my permission.

  • I would love to hear your responses, comments, etc...

  • Price lists and availability information are available upon request.

  • Thanks for visiting and enjoy the show!

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