Elisa M. Welch is an excellent musician. Hey, why mince words? For years she struggled with a total tongue twister of a label: countercultural ethnomusician specializing in Left Coast Neo-Celtic Polit Folk. What a mouthful! Always hard to pigeonhole, these days she'll settle for Garden Rock, a term coined by Dave Coan, djembe player with The Buds. She also has the annoying habit of still, sometimes, writing about herself in the third person. Let’s see what she’s up to.

Got The Wheel? Elisa’s debut CD is still available, though in limited quantity. The online artists’ community you’re visiting right now is a noncommercial site. (Translation: We don’t sell things here.) If you’d like to read lyrics or hear a few song samples, please take a peek at this page. If you’re interested in obtaining a copy of The Wheel directly from Elisa, send a note for details. You can also purchase individual songs via iTunes.

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