Multi Cone

13" W x 9" H x 9" D

17 pounds

Clay cast glass and marble

 Back view

See Multi Cone at the IMF in Washington DC 

See work photo: I



10" W x 7" H x 8" D

25 pounds

Clay cast glass, marble and copper wire

Seen from the top

Seen from the front

See work photos : I , II


Glass Stone Bonding

Clay cast glass, stone (alabaster), copper wire and lead

12" x 14" x 10 1/2"

about 85-90 pounds

Close up

Seen from the front

The back of Glass Stone Bonding


Work Photo

Glass Stone Bonding at Mill Valley Sculpture Gallery


Donated 2003:Stone Glass Bounding to National Liberty Museum.

Here is info about this museum, dedicated to peace.

One Off

glass cast into 5 ceramic bowls

each 20" in diameter and 5" high

Close up

See them at LOOM2

Detail of yellow bowl at LOOM2

Picture of all the bowls at LOOM2


Wallwork made in 1999


Now came the big move to the East Coast

I promised myself after this move I would take out all my unfinished work and all the material that I had lots of and try to use some of it up before I started on any new work.

 Number one was my big pile of recycle

Copper wire.


My first piece over here that I completed was this glass piece that had been sitting in my studio for faar too long.

I just needed to weave some copper on to it. But how had been an issue for years.

In the slumping process one of the cones had tillted too much for the orginal idea to work.

Double Net Cone

Clay cast glass and copper wire

20"L x 16 1/2" H x 18"W

Back view

45 degree angle

Side view




Blue Top Spindle II

Clay cast glass, ceramic and mild steel

28 1/2"H x 19" W x 14" D when it tilts

Detail of top

Detail of bottom part

The glass in this piece is from a safety glass window that I salvaged.

See Blue Top Spindle II in my solo show in Iceland in 2000



Netform with Blue Glass in Middle

Clay cast glass and copper wire and tubes

4 Feet long and 17" high by 19" wide

Every time I go home to Iceland I try to work some more in stone and metal.

The stones there are soft so it is soooo easy to drill through. I ended the year my making this piece of art ;)


Life Form

Icelandic beach stones and stainless steel rods

about 2 feet long

As you can see by the picture above this is how icy the steet is by my parents house in Iceland on December 23th. It was about 3 pm when I took this picture and -2 Celcius. The sun is hitting the street further up the road. Not bad for being the first day for the sun to start to go up again. The sun came up that day at 11:21 am and went down 15:30 pm.