Work made in 2002

My main accomplishment this year,

beside giving birth to my third child, was 

work to have in a three women show

Here is an electronic version of the postcard front.

Click on the postcard to see the show

It was at Durham Art Guild in Durham North Carolina.

The other two women in the show were:

Dawn Stetzel (work on left) and Ursula Goebels-Ellis (work on right top).


Here is a preview of some of what I showed.

The scultpures are made of 99% reuse materials .

Half Seeker

Clay cast glass, ceramic and metal

26" x 26" x 17 1/2"High

This art piece was designed to stand on a couple of glass cones but after adding 143 cones or so to the clay body it just got to heavy. 80 punds or so, so I changed the design to sit on the flat part, but because I can't stand it when my work sits flat on the ground there is a low metal disk (part of a farm tool) under it so it lifts it up so now it looks like it is floating. More my stile ;-)

In the collection of Alamance County Arts Council, Graham, N-Carolina

Work photos I, II, III, IV, V ,VI ,VII


Seekers in Line

Clay cast glass and ceramic

19 1/2" x 19 1/2" x 19 1/2"

Workphoto: I


Reuse info:

The glaze for most of the Seekers was a green blue Piepenburg high fire glaze from Lois Sharp. I added old borax soap to it to get spatter of matt and gloss affect. I found it in the garage of my last home on the West coast. The black color comes from a black stain given to me from the pottery half when I did the Kohler residency in 96 ( I was in the foundry).

The clay body is clay scraps also from Lois. The safety glass that was starting to fog up came from the painter Carroll Lassiter studio/home and the potters Ms and Mr Goulds. The Goulds found them at the same recycle center I use to go to for glass and desided not to use them in a house they were going to build. The purple colored cones have the oxide MnO2 in them. I got two big glass jars of that oxide 2$ each! at Urban Ore in 1993. The glue (E 6000) that holds the cones is the only thing that I bought. The glue was bought with 40% off coupons from the local craft store.


Seekers in Cross

Clay cast glass and ceramic

18" x 18" x 18"

Working on

Seekers in Half


Boxed Seekers

11" x 11" x 11"

Clay cast glass and ceramic

Workphoto: I

In the collection of Ebeltoft Glass Museum, Denmark


Working on a group of Boxed Seekers


Seekers are Low

Ceramic and clay cast glass

5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 18 1/2" long


Fertility I

(Steini born Dec. 2nd. 1997)

Ceramic and clay cast glass

13"Wide x 12"High x 11"Deep

 Workphoto: I


Fertility II

(Vala born April 5th. 2000)

Ceramic and clay cast glass

13"Wide x 12"High x 11"Deep

This piece was in a group show at the Grounds for Sculpture 2002. 

Picture of me + work at Grounds for Sculpture

 Now at

Holter Museum of Art. Helena,

Opening day August 19th

Closing day October 26

Museum hours Tuesday-Friday 10-5 pm. Sat & Sun, 12-5 pm.


Fertility III

(Atli born June 15th 2002) 

Ceramic and Clay cast glass

12" Wide x 10 1/2" High x 10 1/2" Deep




Seeker Facing the Wall (side view)

Clay cast glass, forged steel and ceramic

14 1/2" Wide x 8 1/2" High x 12" Deep


Seekers Confronting the Wall (close up)

Clay cast glass, forged steel and ceramic

The work can be arranged in several ways 

Workphotos of Growing Seeker.

Each cilender needed 72 cones. The are 5 total so 360 was the total number of cones that I needed for that piece.


See it in the DAG show

I want to give each one a metal frame so they are not sitting on the floor. They need to be higher up and have the possibility to rotate on a metal rod that will go through them.

Very similar to the new stand that Emerging has now just much lower.


 The work I do now needs alot of little cones. I can make 28 at a time in my small Scutt kiln. Here you see the top layer still glowing( layers total 3) as I am cooling them from melting point to the annealing point ( cone 04 to 1027F). I am useing safety glass in my work now. Very handy stuff. People are constantly throwing out balcony doors so I have an endless supply at my nearest recycle center. I keep running into people that happen to have one or two in their back jard. Another good thing about it is that it shatters so you don't hurt yourself and it will turn into this nice frit, perfect to put in my little molds. The only trick was to find the right temperature ratio to take the kiln up. It had to be fast enauch for the glass to not start to cristalize (devitrification). I take the cones up in 4 and a half hours or the same as my fast cone 04 cycle on my small kiln.



The Many Faces of Eve



32 smoke fired ceramic wall pieces that can be displayed in numerous ways.

Clay cast glass on end of each clay cone.

Each piece is about 5" wide and high. Depth about 6"

99% reuse materials.

See: horizontal setup of same work.

I created Many Faces of Eve with the intention in mind to find out what really stayed with me after getting diagnosed with breast cancer in the spring of 2001. I had never really focused on this part of my body but suddenly all my attention was there. As I looked for ideas for my little art therapy project, memories of conical looking breasts and holders popped up in my mind. I was also feeding my brain at the time on books on the subject of cancer. One of the books pointed out that we so often refer to cancer as a war, like the often said sentence implies:" he/she lost his battle against cancer". This war idea was a new perspective for me to see how cancer can be viewed. It made me think of the Amazon women with their armored breasts and the breast costumes of Madonna.

The work gets it's name idea and arrangement from an old black and white movie called "Three Faces of Eve". I saw it as a teenager and it had some impact on me then. In the work I am using the content of the movie so the viewer becomes part of it. I designed it so it can be displayed on either side of a door. The whiter half of the work is on one side (Eva White) the blacker (Eva Black) on the other. The viewer becomes a metaphore for Jane as he walks out. The story is about a woman with a split personality. In the story we discover that Eva White, a very normal housewife starts to get blackouts and turns during that time into a "very" out going person and is referred to as Eva Black when that happens. With help Eva manages to merge these two personalities in to a new and more stable person called Jane. For me this new and better person personalizes in my work the person that has managed to ballance life after it has been badly shaken like cancer can do to you and your family.

I choose to call my work "Many Faces of Eve" for life is more complex then black, white and gray (Jane)

Workphotos: I, II, III


Pictures taken of "Many Faces of Eve" at my solo show at Duke Eye Center in Durham, North Carolina.

The work was displayed at either side of the entrance to the eye center making people that use that entrance part of the work.

 Icelandic newspaper article about the Duke Eye center show

See how I arrange it at my Princeton solo show April '03

and my Carrboro Arts Center solo show September '03