The Solo show

"So Many"

at the

The Arts Council of Princeton, Princeton, NJ.

23 April - 9 May 2003


Here are couple of pictures from the show.

All the work was made this year except " Many Faces of Eve" that was the start of this series.

"Many Faces of Eve" inspired "So Many"

I created Many Faces of Eve with the intention in mind to find out what really stayed with me after getting diagnosed with breast cancer in the spring of 2001. I had never really focused on this part of my body but suddenly all my attention was there. As I looked for ideas for my little art therapy project, memories of conical looking breasts and holders popped up in my mind. I was also feeding my brain at the time on books on the subject of cancer. One of the books pointed out that we so often refer to cancer as a war, like the often said sentence implies:" he/she lost his battle against cancer". This war idea was a new perspective for me to see how cancer can be viewed. It made me think of the Amazon women with their armored breasts and the breast costumes of Madonna.

The work gets it's name and arrangement from an old black and white movie called Many Faces of Eve that I saw as a teenager and had some impact on me then. In the work I am using the content of the movie so the viewer becomes part of it. I designed it so it can be displayed on either side of a door. The whiter half of the work is on one side (Eva White) the blacker (Eva Black) on the other. The viewer becomes a metaphor for Jane as he walks out. The story is about a woman with a split personality. In the story we discover that Eva White, a very normal housewife starts to get blackouts and turns during that time into a "very" out going person and is referred to as Eva Black when that happens. With help Eva manages to merge these two personalities in to a new and more stable person called Jane. For me this new and better person personalizes in my work the person that has managed to balance life after it has been badly shaken like cancer can do to you and your family.

I found out not to long ago that the movie was originally made from a book Called Three Faces of Eve.

The Art Council of Princeton does not have a doorway to display Eva like I designed it originally so I decided to show it in two long lines that converge and create Jane.


Materials: Smoke fired ceramic, metal and clay cast glass. except "Many Others II" that was Raku fired.

All pictures that have a colored frame around them can show a bigger picture

Detail "Many Layers IV"


Detail "Many Levels II"

"Many Faces of Eve" in the back ground.


"Many Layers II"

Hopes of Many on the left wall

Click on picture to see "Hopes of Many" bigger

For a super big detail of one of the cones.


"Many Levels of Red I " is on the right wall.

Picture of it coming later.


"Many Layers III"


"Many Layers I"

Close up of "Many Levels I"

Detail "Many Levels III"

See "So Many" at the ArtCenter in Carrboro