This version of "So Many" is, in many ways, different from my "So Many" solo show in Princeton earlier this year. "Hopes of Many" sold. I have arranged the ceramic parts of the "Many Levels I,II, III,IV" by surface design rather than by color, as in my previous show. In the series, "Many Layers", the glass cones are now tilted and somewhat pointing toward one another and not straight up, to show the "pregnant belly", or pointed toward the viewer as armored breasts. I enlarged "Many Others I" from four to eighteen and call it "So Much Later". I felt I needed to do that because the colors of that one piece speak more to my current feelings than of how I related to others when I began "Many Faces of Eve" and the free standing sculptures that followed. In the earlier work, I used the earth's core colors to tune into my own sensory experiences well as to my environment.Observing these colors similarly to how you might a warning sign in a national forest area indicating the immediate potential for fire hazard. The colors, yellow, red, green and blue became my signals' for how I felt and acted like my 'fire colors'. In my later work, awareness has deepened, and is depicted in the use of colors that have branched off the others. The repeated four pattern on each piece represents opposing feelings on my emotional roller-coaster. Feeling worried, wound up and confused is symbolized by the spiral, feelings of emptiness and being lost symbolized by the donut shape, being relaxed and centered by straight lines, and being full of hope and happiness by the circle. I have been asked why the pieces have sharp glass cones. My response, is that when the cancer was removed there was nothing left inside me to attack, but on the outside, I felt there were 'many things' I had to arm myself against. Another question brought attention to my use of groups of four. This has to do with my attempt to identify and then sort out other women's experiences of breast cancer from my own. So there had to be a set for me and a set for the other's. There are two piece in the show that are very different from the rest. One is called "So Much Envy", titled before "Many Others II" and shown vertically. After I had my third baby, and the milk was all gone, I wanted my chest symmetry back. The first reconstruction hadn't worked out too well. I developed scar tissue that deformed the new breast and the other one now had a part of the flesh removed. I had gone through three pregnancies, so the remaining breast was now as limp as a deflated balloon. I couldn't help envy those that still had the fortune to have both breasts in tact. In this show, that work is set horizontal, at my breast level, so as to give a feeling for comparing. The more glittering "pretty" look of these Raku fired pieces is so unlike how I usually finish my work, taking on the "envy" of being someone else's. The other piece,"So Much Pain", was the last piece to be finished for this show. It was a tough feeling to let out into the open. It speaks of my helplessness and frustration at not being able to fully breast feed my third child. I had been told I should be able to, so it was quite a shock to find that not be true. As I was melting the milk bottle caps on top of each piece, I found I made some peace with my substitute, the milk bottle. I feel that with this last piece I made I have let my guard down and found some peace of mind.