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...Abu Azmi
...Abu Butros
...Abu Naser
...Political Prisoner
...Abu Sameeh
...Abdal Tamam
...Abu Thiab
...Tawfiq Touby
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MEMORIAL on the 50th Anniversary of the Kafr Qasem Massacre

Witness Statments

During my several visits to Kafr Qasem, I did a lot of informal chatting with people over tea or lunch or other invitations. I talked with many while walking, while marching, and visiting the cemetery during one annual memorial. Generally, people were hesitant and shy. They did not like to have me record them. They were nervous about where the recording would get to. Formally taking notes was intimidating, but not to all. Following are some of the people that I interviewed and some translations of interviews that had already been published. Please click on their names in the left margin to read their compelling words.

Rose Amer, Abu Ayyoub, Abu Azmi, Abu Butros known as Lamumba Kafr Qasem,

Abu Naser, Political Prisoner, Abu Sameeh, Artist Abdal Tamam, Abu Thiab,

Excerpts from the Statement of Tawfiq Touby November 23, 1956

Abu Yazen, and Abu Waleed.

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