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Biography of Jennifer Crystal Fang-Chien

Jennifer Crystal Fang-Chien is an occasional anarchist. She also considers herself a feminist (having the radical idea that men and women should be treated equitably), and a bisexual woman.

Her poetry is most often based on her own life. Some poems have appeared in various litmags. If you enjoy her writing, you should read the dark and surreal poetry of Timothy A. Clark and the enchanting poetry of Elizabeth Bertels.

She admires the poetry of: Chrystos, Stephen Dobyns, Sharon Olds, Maureen Seaton, Anne Sexton, and Charles Bukowski.

In her own words:

"i am a chinese-american woman born in tennessee. i write poetry because i have a short attention span at times. some of my favorite writers can be found on my other bio page. friends who have cool poems include don domanski, timothy clark, and elizabeth bertels. my poetry has appeared in dozens of litmags, including Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, Axe Factory Review, Writing For Our Lives, Recursive Angel, and The Free Cuisenart .

during the day, i work with nonprofits on fundraising and new nonprofits on getting started, especially those in communities of color. i live in oakland, california."

And my favorite new one:

"Jennifer Crystal Fang-Chien is poet of surreal landscapes and metaphor-laden terrain. Her poetry is most often based on someone's life, possibly yours, or her own."

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