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Biography of Conny Jonsson

I'm just a regular guy, born and rised in Sodertalje, 30 km south of Stockholm, Sweden. I'm one of six children, three brothers and three sisters rised up in a loving home and family. I guess I was the black sheep in the family. As a teen I was rebellious and went on drugs early and got stuck and lost too many years and friends at this period of my life. Fortunately I had wonderful parents who supported me all the way out from that darkness. Later on I went back to school - at age of 30 - to complete my senior high school. Now my father is dead, he died three years ago in cancer. I don't think i ever gave him thanks ... My mother is still alive though. She's 82 years old and i try to give her back what they once gave me.

I started graphics as soon as I was able to make a difference between paper and pencil. So, the love for graphics was there from the beginning, supported by my school teacher who also was an artist. Basically I am self trained, although I did attend a course for illustrators - which I never completed - my life is filled with uncompleted projects, hehehe ...
Besides that course I've had no formal art training, and have learned by a lengthy process of trial and error.

I had an unintentional break in my exercise for a couple of years and later on went suffering from asthma which made me quite sensitive for several substances - that's quite devastating, but when I obtained my first PC I developed a serious interest in computer graphics practicing mainly with Photoshop. Nowadays i'm playing around with a combination of several 3d programs - and a touch up in Photoshop. I'm a terrible modeler in 3d so Photoshop is still remaining as my favourite tool. Digital art has become my second nature, it's something that brings my life forward.

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