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Playing Scrabble at Amity

Scrabble at Amity

When Matthew visited again the following summer, we drove to Florida to visit my 98 year old mother and sisters and families at Amity.  Here they are together at night, playing scrabble as my brothers-in-law chat in the background.   I felt secure and beloved to be in their midst, and looked into buying property near them to build a new home.  But my life-style was very different from theirs, and my youngest son Hooper reminded me that I would not be near museums and universities and the active art scene that I loved so much.   I was torn between longing to return to the family nest and forging ahead with a life of my own.  As I healed and grew, I found I no longer needed the emotional support they had so lovingly given me.

So, I pondered where in the whole world would I most like to settle for the remainder of my life, and decided on the Eastern seaboard in general, with Cokesbury Village in Delaware as my first choice.  It is near Washington and New York, universities and great museums.  I sent in my application, and was put on a five year waiting list.

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