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My Cokesbury home

My Cokesbury Home

After four years of waiting, at last an efficiency apartment was available at Cokesbury.  Oh, I hoped it would not be on the higher floors of this 100 apartment main building, making me feel shut in! I was elated that it was on the ground floor, facing east, looking down over broad greens to the ponds.  Floor to ceiling sliding glass panels filled the space with glorious light. And a patio with a garden!

I volunteered to teach art to the mentally impaired patients, and started that first week, teaching two days a week for five years, and found it as rewarding as teaching children.

No antiques!  No heirlooms!  For the first time in my life I used my own taste---hand made pottery, hand woven mats, my art on the walls, my quilts and rugs and pillows on comfortable modern furniture made it mine.  My art tools in view made it in fact a live-in studio.

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