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I felt that I wasn an empty vessel

Empty Vessel

It is difficult to describe the detachment I felt---my spirit was still connected to Ed, I felt completely drained.  Neighbors and friends and family visited, brought food, invited me to dinners, stopped by often.  I forced myself to be pleasant but longed for the quiet time of nap and sleeping, for alone I could sort out my emotions.  I felt shattered, but not without hope or joy.

Grandson Matthew spent the rest of the summer with me.  He was exactly what I needed, for together we explored the shore, gathering goodies the waves brought in.  Skulls and skeletons of fish and small animals were brought home, bleached with Clorox, admired and researched.  A dead sea turtle was put on an ant pile to strip away the flesh, the soft leathery plates that were left were used like a jig-saw puzzle.  We were in awe of God's creations. Collected His jewels. But soon he had to leave, too.

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