Well, what do you think of this? I didn't think much for a few seconds, I'll tell you. I came around a dark corner in a lower tunnel and nearly ran into this. Always thinking of you, I put on the brakes and took this shot even before I realized that it could've been my last.

legs view 1

It's one of the digisects who live in the Bridge World, and to be fair I think the tunnel I was stumbling through had curved under the Bridge Corridor. Still being fair, I'll add that these digisects have been seen in several other parts of the DysArc in places not even remotely connected to the Bridge World. Or so you'd think. But maybe that's what a Bridge World is. You know, a bridge to all the others. I haven't had time to check the truth of that.
When my heart rate dropped to about 140 beats/minute I took a couple different views. Take a look.