I'm sure you've seen the House isn't finished yet, but the windows are poked through, the door marked out, and the fat little tower room set up. The land isn't finished either. I don't know who was thinking of what, but I don't think I like all that green. Is someone trying to tell me this is a sweet dream world? Don't you believe it. The Partitions could be the most challenging area of the DysArc, in some ways.

Partitions House, right

This side view taken while still perched on Shirley, though here she's resting on the ground (she doesn't like this green stuff either. She says it's too slick and it stinks. She's right, too.), shows the sunroom projection from the house wall and the covered area behind the house. You can see its roof in the first picture, that silvery block near the center.
There's another view of it here. It looks to me like it's a place to stroll and think and talk. Maybe there should be vines or sculptures or something. I might come across some plans or pictures of it when it was being used and pick up some ideas from that. I plan to keep a lot of the DysArc's features, but that green has got to go.

A couple interior shots I got for you.
Working meshes and shaded models. You can locate camera positions, too. Also view landscape construction.
Windows, anyone?

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