Re: censorship exhibition proposal

Michael Betancourt (
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 23:51:16 -0400

Hi All,

It sounds like I'll be organizing this.

Anyone who wants work in the gallery, please let me know which images,
and all the related info -- will go and get the images myself and
set-up the gallery pages. Any ideas on what it should be called?

Right now, though, we should have a listing of everyone who wants to
put work in. Some of you have e-mailed me privately, so just say which

How does a maximum of 5 works sound to everyone? Is this a fair
amount, or should it be higher/lower?

Everyone at who feels censored by the new laws should be
included, so speak up! :) You can always be added later, but it's much
easier organizationally if you say so now.