censorship exhibition proposal

Michael Betancourt (mwb2@bellsouth.net)
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 19:34:33 -0400

Hi everyone,

I was thinking about the recent censorship cases involving
artists at art.net.

Since we already have a page devoted to our policy on censorship,
and Art.Net has
now been involved in 2 cases, it would be interesting to set up a
gallery of the
work which was used as examples of what would be lost if
censorship was allowed
to happen. This, I think, would be a good public service to the
general community
-- not only on Art.Net -- but on the web as well because I get
the sense that
most people have no idea the real range of work which is
adversely affected.
Reading a list is one thing, looking at a gallery of images or
work, and reading
the words of text-based art, is quite another.

I would be willing to volunteer some of my time to set-up such a
gallery if