Re: Web news services refuse to rate their material

Ralph Ivy (
Fri, 29 Aug 1997 18:18:50 -0500 (CDT)

Lile, Others...

Right on! The Free Press stands up for us again!

I know...I'm prejudiced, being an old newsman, but I do often believe if
it wasn't for the Press (and admitting their self-serving interest
commercially as well as idealistically) our Freedom of Speech rights would
have long ago became a mockery.

Everybody wants "free speech," but only for their on beliefts; damn few,
or so history teaches us, care much about the rights of speech whose views
differ from their own.

Every person, every society, every regime, always has high moralistic
reasons for wanting to restrict information; to step in with superior
motives to tell us why our speech rights should be conformative and

"It will strengthen our Cause."

"It will deny the Enemy an opportunity to exploit us."

"It is only common sense."

Or, the latest...

"We have to protect our children!"

That impluse, that need, to promote our own views while restricting the
views of the Other. And our causes are always noble. They are always

Which makes it all the more remarkable that Free Speech in this country
has, despite all, prevailed.

I have to thank the News. From John Paine to Larry Flynt to the NY Times
(and countless local and regional papers inbetween).

It's been a long fight.

I am confident the battle will long continue.

Thank you,

Ralph Ivy