re: CyberPatrol blocking art sites...

Bob Anderson (
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 16:34:50 -0500

Hello Debra,

Thanks for your explanation. Can you clarify it abit.

If a museum, such as the LA Contempory, placed some of Robert
Mapplethorpe's wonderful homoerotic, sadomasocistic and
perverse photographs online how would you treat them?

What about a museum of erotic art, would that make a difference
to you? How do you judge art museums?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Best wishes,


At 12:18 PM -0400 8/27/97, DEBRA GREAVES wrote:

> We do not make a judgment on art, objectionable or not it if has partial or
> full nudity then it meets our criteria and is added to our CyberNOT list.
> exception to this rule is if the said art is located in a museum, such as the
> Louvre or Boston Museum of Fine Art. If one of our users does not like a
> of art that does not meet our criteria then we do NOT add it to our list.
> sites that are added to our CyberNOT list mush meet our CyberNOT criteria. I
> hope this helps.

Bob Anderson
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