re: CyberPatrol blocking art sites...

Scot Hacker (
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 11:42:24 -0800

Arbitrary and discriminatory, yes, but illegal? How and why would it be
illegal? They have a right to create any kind of list they want. It's a
private company. People purchase and install the software voluntarily.

"Yes -- I would like to buy these sunglasses that block out everything in
the chartreuse spectrum."

"I'm sorry sir -- those sunglasses are illegal."


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From: @ INET
Date:     08/27/97 11:09:24 AM MST
Subject:   re: CyberPatrol blocking art sites...

Hi Lile, Does this mean we have to wait until our works are hung in the Louvre or Boston Museum of Fine Art before Cyberpatrol considers them acceptable...Sounds arbitrary and discriminatory to me......and a very illegal procedure... "Hawk"

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